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Us VIP's aren't the only ones who get the feels... This time the feels have "Bang Bang Banged" into GD's Heart
Like does anyone else like it when he gets all flustered ....
because them he always tries to play it cool afterward lol
Look how shocked he is lol He's like "Oh not I" lmao
"I can't do the dance, plz save meh"
Or when GTOP where the only ones there and they had to sing LNFIL
he's all chill...
And then I strays to sink in... "TOP hyung , it's all you bro" lol
"Oh no, plz someone help....stop le music!!"
He's adorable and I just can't deal ♡♡
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AHHH!!! That last gif gets me every time! Why is this boy so flawless?
I had to go find it and watch it. GD is so stinking cute in that video. During "Zutter"... I just about lost my mind at his adorableness.
I remember that when he had to sing yb's part lol😂 he still slayed. I also loved the interview where he got flustered on "happy together💞"
Me in concerts or school in general 😂😍😘