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The Millennials may not know this but there was a time when Victoria Beckham was known simply as Posh from the Spice Girls. And if you don't know who the Spice Girls are, then I am seriously a lot older than I care to admit!
Just found out, from @JordanHamilton that Victoria Beckham is designing Eva Longoria's wedding dress! You can read all about it here.
While I am really excited about that news development, I can't help but wonder if others don't take her fashion design company serious. While she's been dabbling in fashion (jeans and denim) since the early 2000s, it wasn't until Beckham launched her fashion line in 2012 that she had officially made the switch to "designer." Finally, in 2014 Alexander Fury, in an article written for The Independent, cemented Victoria Beckham's illustrious transition "from novelty to respected designer."
So there you have it. While the world didn't take the Spice Girls serious to begin with, the split from the all-girl-band left many to consider Posh Spice to be simply a one-trick pony. Fast forward and suddenly you realize that Victoria Beckham, might have been the most entrepreneurial and business-savvy of them all!
The wedding gown, shown above is from her RTW 2014 Collection. It's a staggering simple silhouette with a floor length zipper in the back. Stunning, if you ask me!
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You're welcome! And well, I'm glad I could be an inspiration :)
Thanks. But you're the one who inspired me to write it to begin with @jordanhamilton :)
I loveeee the fact that you wrote this!!!! I appreciate the backstory. I knew about her denim line, but honestly just found out about her wedding collection this morning. Amazing!