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[Ready for what? For LOVE].

Just kidding. We're all thirsty for the Deadpool movie. Of course, Star Wars was pretty sweet [pretty sweet is an understatement] so I'm sure I'll be flailing about that for a while. And I'm not the only one! My favorite Merc loves Star Wars too.
Very subtle reference there Deadpool.
I'm kind of burned out on complaints about the prequel trilogy, but I'll listen to Deadpool talk about them all day!
This cosplayer knows what's up!
If you couldn't tell, I'm really thrilled with Star Wars. And I bet a lot of my fellow Mercs feel the same! After all, Deadpool's clearly a giant Star Wars nerd. Was it enough to hold us over until February?
@LAVONYORK *Gasp* I wish you lived closer to me!! *pout*
馃槏馃槏馃槏yessssssssss I'm so ready!!!
@butterflyblu I'm a strange woman too 馃槀馃槀 I don't know if my guy is going to be willing to see Deadpool with me馃槀 just off the fact I might go fan girl at the movies lol.
I've already made it VERY CLEAR that I will taken to see Deadpool for Valentines Day. Then it was made VERY CLEAR that I am a strange woman...and he likes it. Lol ;)
@shannonl5 I do consider myself to be my own best company. But that could just be the effects of single life setting in.
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