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Seriously, who else feels like Jessica is just... the embodiment of all of our feelings?
1. Never remembers to charge her phone.
2. Probably swears too much.
3. Did she remember to eat breakfast today? Doubtful.
4. Is at least 50% cranky at all times.
5. Does not get asked on a lot of second dates.
6. Takes a shot every time she's annoyed.
7. She's pretty much always annoyed.
8. Dresses like the 90s grunge chick we all still have inside us- don't lie.
9. Basically made of sass.
10. Has made at least seven mistakes already today.

Raise your hand if Jessica Jones gets you.

*raises own hand*
I liked it, yeah.
I can commute. Except alcohol, I lean towards catnip, mew.
I used to read all kinds of Marvel, DC and other comics, but just don't anymore mainly because I'm busy.
Ah I gotcha. Well that's cool!
I haven't, but I knew who Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were! So that was cool.
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