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by Mistress Siren (Amethyst Rhoton) Picture, if you will, a rose Encased in glass, perfect Alive and the one thing You want to touch it and love it Admire the beauty But when you hold it The thorns burry into skin Your blood is drawn into it And the more you suffer The more lovely it becomes And your need to touch it... Becomes much greater This yearning desire Burns brighter and brighter It is a parasite that you love You want it to drain you To destroy you You awake and see him Your rose in glass Encased for your protection But you lift the crystal Feel his skin He smiles and loves your pain You smile, remembering This familiar ache You enjoy this Until you awaken And burn with it Dying on the inside, nothing new This is better than the emptiness It's horrible, the way you feel The way you want him And how you need him This yearning desire...
No problem ^^ @MistressSiren
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Hmmm... About.... 100000 bananas out of 3. Really good!!
@MistressSiren very deep to
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