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I was lucky that it was John that showed up around that corner because I just knew I would knock someone out this morning. John is a pain in the ass at times but he is a great friend and probably will be my only friend. This is probably what I've got to deal with for awhile. John flashed his usual good morning smile even though he knows I will snarl at him. I guess it makes him laugh when I snarl because he ends up saying "if I keep snarling like that I won't make any friends." Now that made me laugh, I said to him then why is he still around? John laughed as well. Saying who else is going to being around to keep you out of trouble. We both knew it was true I was considered a trouble student. Yet, that didn't matter to me one bit. We walked the rest the way to school laughing and smile. Well, the smiling was short lived because once we reached the school yard it was hell all over again. Everyone gave John this look that told him to get the fuck away from me. John of course laughed it off but me I of course snarled at them, which made us laugh on how they acted after I did so. What sucked even more was my first few classes John wasn't in them so it was like I was walking into a lion's den. It makes me laugh because it seems like I am the lion and they are prey. Damn it, another year of this shit. In gym class some of the hothead decided to try and fight me which didn't end very well for him. Good thing is was wrestling week this week at school.
Once again amazing xD
Thank you @MichaelOgg