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So apparently....according to @JasmineWilliams bts Rapmonster fell during a performance and he could no longer perform because of his fall. I do not know how bad the situation is but only because of this card and the conversation that took place in the comments...Bighit apologized and said that he was recovering for a day.
I really am getting angry with Bighit these days. I feel that BTS is getting overworked and that the rest of the members are soon going end up in poor condition like Namjoon, V and Suga....I really hope Bighit gives them the long much needed rest. They deserve more than a few days or weeks maybe...I think they need like a few months....idk. Im just really worried.
I think that they are being overworked and it really worries me...I really hope that they all get better and nothing really serious happens to them...Im over here pulling my hair out because they are always getting injured. NAMJOON AND THE REST OF BTS FIGHTING!!!
They are all too cute and energetic to be falling on stage and being sent to the hospital because they are working to really worries me and hurts my heart to hear things like this...ARMYs, lets all hope for the best and support the injured members and the rest of BTS together! I might not have all of the corret information because I just read this other card and figured i should make one, explaining my thoughts. Everyone fighting!
im not really angry with big hit, because it is the boys' choice to keep going... i read somewhere that they decided that they wanted to keep going and work hard despite the companys wishes (for them to take a break). i just wish that the boys would actually choose to just rest a bit and stop overworking themselves :/ i hope namjoonie is ok
@ToppDogg i love them so much, and it makes me happy to know they care about the fans like that, BUT as you said, they do indeed need to keep their health in mind... gahh, im so worried about the lil babes >-<
@JasmineWilliams they do work really hard and I really wish they will notice how worried we are because they are contributing to it by overworking themselves just to please us....i really want them to just rest and be okay 馃槩馃槩馃槩
@Isolate yeah...i agree. i think im more frustrated than angry. I think the boys need to take notice on their condition and take a break because the ARMY is very worried about them....i really hope they are all ok
They work so hard even when suga and V was feeling sick they still kept going until they went to the hospital