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Since I'm new to the K-pop community, I wanted to know some potential new music you guys think I should listen to. So far I listen to 2ne1, BigBang , and EXO.
PLZZZZ LISTEN TO MAMAMOO, F(x),BTS, Monsta X, AND INFINITE PS. you will have hard time choosing a bias in infinite 😂. They just started infinite showtime 😁 If you like hip hop then totally check out San E, Jay Park, Jessi, CHEETAH, Zico ZICO'S ALBUM CAMS OUT A FEW WEEKS AGO 👌
Welcome to the kpop fandom! I just got into it a few months ago myself, but you should definitely check out BTS, GOT7, and SEVENTEEN!!
lol you're in for a ride! BTS is are raising stars right now so you might what to check them out lol Got7, Seventeen, Block B, Btob, Infinite, Shinee, Sistar, Girls Generation... lol I can go on for days!
welcome. These are all the groups ive found, I do listen to groups more than other so I'll just name all the ones I've stumbled upon. bts, mblaq, teen top, block b, b1a4, 2pm, vixx, winner, super junior, shinee, got7, nu'est, big bang, btob, exo, infinite, bap, seventeen, uniq, ukiss, ze:a, snuper, jyj, ikon, day6, up10tion, road boyz, rain, se7en, b.I.g, myname, beast, n.flying, cross gene, 100%, romeo, alphaBAT, ft island, a6p, history, vav, 24k, 2am, ajax, legend, boyfriend, cnblue, h.o.t. debuts to wait on are sm rookies and astro. Astro has a drama though. my personal fav is seventeen and others as well. Here are some that ive stumbled upon since I became a fan.
History, Bigflow, Big star, Madtown, Winner, Teen top, A6p, Cnblue, Ft island, Led apple, The legend, lu:kus, Mblaq, Myname, Nu'est, Speed, Target, Toppdogg, U-kiss, Uniq, 24k, Boys republic, N.flying, JYJ. All of those are boy groups. One solo male you should listen to is Rain. Everyone has like a different music style that's why i wrote a lot since you also can have different music styles that you perfer. I said groups that weren't said yet, but totally check out the other groups. And Welcome to the world of k-pop :)
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