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As women we are used to blow drying our hair on occasion, but have you ever considered blow drying your face? You might want to take that into consideration. When it comes to applying makeup, we often forget to set our makeup. It's almost like washing up in the shower and forgetting to rinse off -- the two go hand in hand. We are often in such a hurry that we forget the main steps we need to take to complete such an action as applying our makeup.
According to Sonia Kashuk, founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty: “Most women forget to include it in their makeup process, but it can truly mean the difference between your look lasting until the end of the day or fading away before lunchtime.” Although we find ourselves rushing in the morning, setting your makeup doesn't take that long and depending on your skin type, there's a method out there made just for you. Thanks to some amazing makeup gurus, there's a list of those methods [seen below]. Keep scrolling an figure out the best setting method for your face and make setting your makeup a habit.

The Primer Method:

"To best tackle the task of turning your face into a smooth canvas before you apply your makeup, use a primer. “They soften fine lines and wrinkles, control oil and shine, and create a barrier between skincare and makeup,” says Lori Leib, makeup artist and creative director of Bodyography. “Primer will not only make your complexion look flawless, but it really gives your makeup something to cling to for all-day wear.” If you’re lacking serious hydration, silicone or organic primers will work best to provide the necessary coverage without taking too much away from your skin."

The Translucent Powder Method:

"For those with oily or greasy skin, dusting on some translucent powder can instantly set makeup while simultaneously soaking up excess shine. “Powders work wonders when it comes to setting product and extending wear,” says Kashuk. “Apply a sheer application with a large, airy brush all over your face or just on target problem areas like the T-zone, which tends to get oily, causing makeup to fade.”"

The Setting Spray Method:

"These mists of hydration are fast and easy to use and are meant to be applied to the surface of the skin after you’ve applied your makeup. “It creates smoother-looking skin and prevents makeup from melting, cracking, fading, or settling into fine lines,” says Vanessa Ungaro, makeup artist and co-owner of LAUREN+VANESSA salon in New York City. It’s best for dry-to-normal skin types and those with fine lines or signs of aging. “To apply, close your eyes and spray in a criss-cross motion over your skin so that the product is evenly distributed over your face,” say Ungaro."

The Blow Drying Method:

"One of the easier and timesaving approaches to setting your face lies in one of the tools you use several times a week—your blow-dryer. But how effective (and safe) is it? “Although using a blow-dryer to heat up eyelash curlers and dry off skin works well, you’ll need to use a very low heat setting and have good environmental humidity to avoid causing skin damage,” says Heydt. “Youthful skin would definitely be a prerequisite for this type of setting process, as not too many women with mature skin would want to dry out their face any further.”"

The Hairspray Method:

"Yes, we’re serious. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books to use hairspray to keep your locks in place, so why not also use it to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day? “I’ve seen many makeup artists use this technique of ‘sealing’ in the makeup look with hairspray,” says Leib. “Just be sure to avoid brands containing alcohol, as they can be drying to the skin and you wouldn’t want to walk past an open flame.”"

Ladies, make sure you set your makeup in 2016.

What's your go-to product for setting your makeup?
Yeah, it's great!! @stephosorio
@jordanhamilton my sister loves that one
I've been using the Tarte setting powder and so far its worked out for me 😊
I'll have to look into that! I'm currently using NYX HD setting powder @stephosorio