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Okay I've decided since there are some minors who read my stories I will have two endings for each imagine . One will be for my fluff lovers and the other will be for smut. If you don't want to read the smut then don't. Enjoy!!! :) >PART 1
SM’s building is only a couple of blocks away from your apartment and thankfully when you get there you notice that the usual swarm of fans and photographers isn’t there. Sure there are a couple of dedicated people sprinkled outside in the parking lot, but you’re thankful you don’t have to climb through a back window to get in. Inside, you tell the receptionist you’re headed to the third floor. She asks who you’re going to see and you smile as say your boyfriends name. She raises an eyebrow, double checks something on her computer, before looking back up at you and informing you that the elevators are to your right. You check your phone as you wait, informing Sehun via text that you’re going to be up in a couple of minutes. “Are you a new trainee?” A voice comes from behind you and you almost jump a little from shock. You turn around to see a handsome young man, probably around the age of seventeen or eighteen. He doesn’t look familiar, at least you can tell he’s not from EXO or even SHINee, but you still think he has to be an idol. “Um, no actually. I’m just here to visit someone.” The elevator arrives and you both step in, you lean forward to press the button, but the boy does it first and coincidentally you two are both going to the same place. “You’re going to the dance studio?” You nod. “So you ARE a trainee!” You giggle and shake your head. “I’m not, I swear!” The door opens and you walk alongside each other down the hall. Once you get to the practice room, the boy stops and raises an eyebrow. “So if you’re not a rookie, then are you already an idol? What label are you under?” You laugh, not noticing Sehun who looks up and makes his way toward you. “I’m not an idol either; to be honest I don’t think I have the visuals for it.” You explain as the boys eyes widen. “Seriously? But, you’re beautiful! If you aren’t an idol - then are you perhaps a model?” You’re about to answer, when suddenly someone clears their throat. You look up and gasp in surprise. “Sehun, I didn’t see you there!” Sehun wastes no time with a greeting, instead he wraps you up in a hug and gives you a kiss that leaves you surprised and embarrassed. You swat at Sehun’s arm and pull back. “Yah! Sehun, we’re in public!” “And what - I can’t kiss my girlfriend?” He questions, glancing at the boy still standing beside you and emphasizing the word ‘girlfriend’. You frown and pinch his cheek playfully. “You can, but not so suddenly! Anyway, I came here to watch you dance - not to make out with you.” Sehun pouts and you roll your eyes as you tell him that you’ll go take a seat near the back and that he should get started when he’s ready. Sehun nods, kissing your forehead this time and smirking at the boy as he passes by. “Hey, is it ok if I stay and watch too? I’m a rookie here and I’d love to see a dance practice by someone in EXO.” You nod, patting the space next to you where you’ve taken a seat. “Sure, Sehun is a great dancer! You can learn a lot - um, I didn’t catch your name.” The boy smiles, brushing some hair from his eyes. “I’m Jae Hyun.” You shake his hand as he sits down and you look over to watch as Sehun gets the speakers ready. You marvel at your boyfriend, thinking about how hard it must have been for him when he was just starting out. “Anyway, I had asked you before if you were a model." You turn to Jae Hyun and shake your head. “Nope. I’m just a normal citizen.” You joke. “Wow I would have never thought. If I saw you in the street, I would think you were famous.” Sehun, who’s shuffling through his I-pod for a new song, turns back to look at you two. You don’t see the small scowl on his face, or the way he’s glaring at Jae Hyun’s hand that seems to be a little too close to your own. Sehun almost damn near breaks the I-pod in his hand from how hard he’s gripping it before finally settling on EXO’s “My Lady” and heading toward the middle of the room with loud footsteps to grab your attention. Unfortunately for him, you’re swept up in conversation with Jae Hyun. He’s just such a nice boy and he keeps asking you questions so you don’t see the harm in having a chat. But Sehun does see the harm and he doesn’t like it at all. Focusing hard on the choreography for the song, Sehun does his best to exaggerate his moves, to get your eyes to be on him but instead you keep innocently laughing at all of Jae Hyun’s cute jokes. When he’s halfway through the choreography and you’re still not looking his way, Sehun decides to just turn the music off. “That’s so cool noona! I wish I had someone as beautiful and as kind as you to take care of me.” Jae Hyun is saying and before you can reply, you feel Sehun tug you up by the wrist and grumble that practice is over. You blink, looking at the clock on the wall. “But Sehun, only five minutes has passed.” Jae Hyun gets up as well and sticks his hand out. “Hello! I’m SM rookie Jae Hyun. I’m honored to meet you hyung!” Sehun narrows his eyes and doesn’t return the handshake. You want to scold him for being rude, but Jae Hyun drops his smile and asks if Sehun has a problem. “I do have a problem, that problem is that you’re trying to hit on my girlfriend.” You’re a bit taken aback by Sehun’s sudden statement. “Sehun he wasn’t flirting with me!” “Are you blind? He was clearly hitting on you.” Jae Hyun sneers and whispers “and it was working too.” under his breath. Sehun almost snaps, but thankfully you catch him in time and kindly as Jae Hyun to leave before the situation gets any worse. When Jae Hyun is finally gone and Sehun has calmed down a bit, you take him by the shoulders and ask him what’s going on. “I’m just…..annoyed that you were talking with him so casually.” Sehun admits, running a hand through his hair as he looks down at the floor embarrassingly. “I honestly thought he was just being nice, Sehun I promise.” You explain and your boyfriend nods, taking your hands in his and pulling you into his chest. “I know, I know it’s just I get a bit obsessive when other men are around you.” He admits, placing little kisses in your hair as you hug him back and nuzzle your face against the front of his shirt. “It’s ok. A boy who’s possessive can be nice sometimes.” Sehun chuckles, leaning back to tilt your chin up and give you a quick peck. “So, do you still want to see me practice? Now that that annoying little brat is gone….” “Sehun.” “Fine, fine. But do you still want to see me practice?” You grin, tippy-toeing to kiss him once more. “Of course. I did after all come here to see my boyfriend dance.” <3 The End


You try to protest as Sehun grabs your hand and leads you away from the rookie. He finally releases you when you both get to an empty hallway. “You’re really unbelievable, you know that!” You say to him shaking your head as you turn to walk away from him. Before you could get very far Sehun grabs you by the shoulder and slams your back against the wall, trapping you between his arms and body. You both stood there looking angrily at each other. “Move” You say to him trying to push him out of the way. He doesn’t budge but you continue to try to push him away until he grabs your wrists and holds them down by your side. You were millimeters apart from each other. Sehun has a tight grip on your wrists and you wiggle around trying to loosen it but it only becomes tighter. “You’re mine. Don’t ever forget that.” He says before he attacks your lips. Its rough, making you hit the back of your head against the wall. You try to push him away again but he only kisses you harder. You don’t kiss him back but you can’t resist his lips for long. Sehun lets go of your wrists to palm your behind, bringing your bodies closer to each other. You wrap your arms around Sehun’s neck and your legs around his waist as he picks you up and presses you against the wall even harder rubbing his erection against your clothed center making you moan into the kiss. He turns around and carries you out of the building. You don’t even know how you made it home but you were soon in your apartment on your bed. Sehun is between your legs, rubbing the outside of your thighs as he starts to kiss you on down your neck and chest. Your fingers tread though his hair bringing his head closer to you as you moan. Sehun breaks away to strip you of your clothing and his as well before climbing on top of you. He kisses down your chest before taking your breasts into his hands and sucks on one of your nipples, his tongue swirling around it before he slightly grazes his teeth around it. You moan loudly, arching your back up giving Sehun better access as he did the same to the other. You feel something wet on your thigh and realize that its pre-come leaking from his hard-on. You reach down grabbing his hard member, stroking it up and down with a circular motion. It takes him by surprise and he lets out a guttural moan. He goes up to kiss you again, this time biting your lip before he slides his tongue in, mingling with yours. He has one hand cupping your face as the other runs down the side of your body to your center. He runs his fingers up and down your slit dipping his fingers into your hole slightly but brings them back up to toy with your clit rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger. “Mmmm, Y/N, you’re so wet.” He says as he continues to play with you. All you can do is moan back while you jerk him off even more. He inserts two fingers immediately into your center pumping them in and out of you. You shake your head from side to side biting down on your arm to stop yourself from moaning too loud. “I think you’re ready for me,” he says as he takes his fingers out of you and licks your juices off his fingers. He positions himself between your legs, pulling your pelvis closer to his as he inserts himself fully into you with just one strong thrust. “Ah… Sehun” you moan as he continues to thrust harshly into you. He makes you into a moaning mess, constantly changing the angles and speed at which he slams and grinds himself into you. Your nails are making scratch and crescent marks all over his arms, shoulders, and back. You aren’t going to last much longer but you can tell that Sehun still has a lot in him. He puts your legs over his shoulders and leans into you changing the angle completely, causing him to constantly slam into your g-spot. “OH GOD… SEHUN…DON’T STOP” you moan to him. “How do you feel right now?” he moans to you as he pumps in and out of you. “So good, so good” you moan to him biting your lip. “Who makes you feel this way?” He says as he grabs your shoulders slamming into you harder. “Ugh, baby, you do. You make me feel this way.” You moan, feeling like you are about to break. “ I. CAN’T. HEAR. YOU. WHO. MAKES. YOU. FEEL. THIS. WAY.” He says each word with a corresponding thrust. “YOU DO, SEHUN! YOU make me feel this way. ONLY YOU!” You moan to him loudly as you have a toe curling, mind-blowing orgasm. It hits so hard that you black out for a few seconds. When you come back, you hear Sehun grunt and feel him release himself deep inside of you. He removes himself from you and lies down next to you on the bed. You are both panting trying to catch your breath as he turns to you and tucks the hair covering your face behind your ear. “I’m sorry I was jealous. That guy just pissed me off.” He says to you stroking your face. “Sehunnie the guy was just being nice. But I’m not gonna lie seeing you overprotective is really hot.” you say to him. He blushes and kisses your forehead while wrapping his protective arms around you. <3
Let me know how you guys feel about the alternative endings!! I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Vote for who you want to see next!!! Here are the members I haven't done. -Baekhyun -Suho -Kris -Tao -Luhan @mjenifferjm9 @ladygdragon @QueenLele @sarahdarwish @NydiaEdwards @VeronicaArtino @TesneemElAlami @tayunnie @LaynicornLay @JasminMartinez @anyaheart @AmberRelynn @christianliu @CreeTheOtaku @GDvsGF @KellyOConnor @KaitlynEspinoza @AshleyAndino @KeylaMoreno @JessicaEvaristo @Lizzeh @megancurrent9 @KhouYang @dancer1248MN @ZionPerezFlower @PizzaPanda19 @BrandyBell16 @KaitlynHewitt @VKookie7 @Starbell808 @AlisonYui @DestineeLiu @SehunsQueen @EmilySavage @KpopQueenaBee @herravanessa9 @andreaimnida @JaxomB @Exoexo @JessicaFigueroa @ClaireT @FannyWard @mcblue9864 @Yongsongmi @sphelpswiley @baileykayleen @OliviaZenger @Roxy1903 @stevieq @MarinaKarina @SarahVanDorn @drummergirl691 @applecake452 @DekaraMiller @MsLoyalHeart @Tigerlily84 @marisamusic @MarciMartinez @DeyaniraEstrada @LenaBlackRose @11erinmims @LizaNightshade @LunaCordero @caterrell11 @CloverShadows @luna1171 @CCHI0692 @PrerrieeEmm @Katherina2078 @Byeoli @Allyson3333 @elizabeth1234 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @AmberRelynn @YeseniaF @terenailyn @Emealia @jjrockstar @panouvang123 @VictoriaRose217 @DawanaMason @EmillyPeacock @IGot7Forever @MischiefK1ng @themrshongki @SHINeeIngGirl @nnatelieg @AnnnaArai @Alexoxoxxxo @sutcheks3 @kirene1999 @MiaPorras @LiliRamos @ZinZin123 @MalihaAhmed @KaikaiKpop @ParkKyungSoon @Exolover5Irishl @BlueMoon201 @ExoandVixxtrash @MariaDls @DanaAmoi @KendraReeve @HuonTreeRoo @KatiePrihodiko @kerikaihun @JasmineWilliams @kyky97 @MelinaHernadez @DulceOjeda @Moose1998 @russelroche47 @Bridgetjara @DestinaByrd @btsgotshinee @otakukpopgirl @raenel @NydiaEdwards @clstap1 @externallyeli @bangtanella @UnnieCakesAlli @DesireeChucklez @Baekyeol27 @michellewong776 @maddiedo @QueenLele @jazbasquez22 @michie6436 @terenailyn @lashonda0917 @SkylarGray @TaehyungV @CristinBarnes @VictoriaRose217 @YessicaCardenas @nanaresendiz @blasianqueen @LaurenStrayhorn @DejaunaeSiders @annevictoriaa @AlisonYui @KendraReeve @MaeganHickerson @mrsdarkmiracle @ShailaZaman @leejaehwanken @ChloeofOoo @emilyanpham14 @jumbled2 @TatianaRose @kcastaneda170 @BrookeStam @SusiBosshammer @GilMarista @JazminQuiroz @DeathsAngel @awkwardjazzy @JennieKarlsson @CaitlynStonne @Dabaesplayer @DaisyPhun @GraceWatson @EmpressKi @TiffanyBibian @bbyitskatie @ElisabethGraceG @screamoparadise @jojojordy2324 @Xiuyeolhyun @mirandazamira @chelaurenh @marelis22 @NinaKuduzovic @Sisicup @Megano @XiuminBaozi @Taisa @tutyfruty @KaiOppa @ErinMccarey @kookie49044 @Alysworld @Jessicalista @SindyHernadez @katiec900 @ArCrow @DanaMichelle @jaijai @Xaynn @nykechun @MahelySandoval @musicmofo @HerosBells @kraft226 @YvonJerzak @JeonJungkook17 @cutegirl34 @NikkiJumba @JenniCinneman @KutieKiKi @BelencitaGarcia @VatcheeAfandi99 @ShailaZaman @KaiTakashima @CristinBarnes @woahdersierra @tiffany1922 @DesireeChucklez @reyestiny93 @preeta @Jinnyrod3 @KendraReeve @SehunsQueen
WOW!!! The first one got me all like 'awe you're super sweet'.... The second one got me like 'is it hot in here or is it just me?' .... LOVE IT THANKS FOR THE TAG AND PLEASE KEEP TAGGING ME
This was amazing!!! And I don't mind the alternate endin........*quickly glances around making sure Jiyong doesn't see** I don't mind them at all 😂😂😂 only thing missing was yehet lol and for who IU should do next I don't think I could take a naughty bacon serious so maybe Luhan or Lu as he calls him self now 😂
Suho please!!!!
I'll just be planning my funeral, buying an inhaler, and calling an ambulance. I can't breathe, especially with that ending 😍😭
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