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Oh my beautiful, wonderful Kwon Jiyong... I could probably write a book about how much I love him.. He is the absolute world to me
His smile gives my more than butterflies.. I feel like there's like 1 million zoos in my stomach when he smiles. Seeing it in person was even better than I ever could have imagined.. I really hope one day I can at least just feel his fingers touch mine and I can at least just see him pass by because that would be enough
I adore this man.. I have this weird thing about his fingers, I just really really love his fingers.. don't ask why because I don't even know. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HIS TATTOOS BECAUSE I AM A SUCKER FOR TATTOOS I LOVE THEM AND HIS ARE PERFECTION
(Number 4 is seriously my favorite gif of him ever) Just everything about him is perfection to me, from his head to his feet, I adore him completely and I honestly wish I could be like him in some ways but I don't believe I am oh well. He is just wonderful and he inspires me to better myself and keep breathing everyday (if you read my letter to him you'll get the full story) but yeah
He is just everything to me. I will never stop loving him and I don't know man, he's just my everything. My whole world.. I adore everything about him. So that was my G-Dragon card, I hope you enjoyed my BigBang cards!:) Next band will be BTS! :)
I was waiting for this card! I love his fingers too. I made an entire card about them. I feel ya.
Story time: there was this one gif i saw like a year ago on Tumblr of his hands...it was like 4 or so frames going at once. The app crashed when I tried to save it and I havent found it or stopped thinking about it since. His hands make my body go numb....The End.
@mandijb1016 his hands are just... ugh I don't even know
I love the 4th gif too @ladygdragon😃 but.. my all-time favorite gif would be jiyong does gyiwoni. It's just too cute.😁💞
@Helixx Ah his fingers:)