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UPDATE I wanted to give you guys something before the year ends... hope you like it.. Sorry for the mistakes... If you haven't read the previous chapter here it is ----> Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 part 1
When I got to my hotel room I saw Joonie standing in front of the door playing on his phone. When I was close enough I tap on his shoulder and smiled at him guiltily for making him wait. He just smiles back at me showing me his dimples and embraces me in a bear hug that I missed so much. It's been almost 2 years since I've last saw him.... since that night happened... "Heeeyy!" I said smiling. "Hey sweetheart!" He replied. "Wanna do a sleepover?" I asked him, its been a while since we had one. "Sure.." He said waiting for you to open the door. "But I don't have any clothes here tho.." "Just ask one of the members to bring you some if they can and they can stay of they want .... or I think I may still have some of your clothes with me..." I said to him entering the room and trowing myself in the bed. "Nah I'm just going to ask the members to come because I know how much you love wearing my clothes..." He said laughing at the last part. I mean it is true, even since we started having sleepovers he just left some of his clothes at my house for when he comes but I just started using them because they're damn comfy and I never gave them back so they're basically mine now. "Okay then.." I replied laughing with him. It's been so long since we've been together, I mean sure after he debuted he came when he could but it was always for a little bit because he had to go back. I didn't complain though because just the fact that he made an effort to still come and see me was enough. I stilled missed our sleepovers, it was always so much fun. We watched horror movies, had pillow fights, ate junk food and talked about anything and everything. Namjoon sat next to me in the bed after he called the other members. "They said yes" he said to me. I just smiled and nodded my head in understanding. "Soo.... how are you..?" He asks me and I know exactly what he meant. We haven't talked about it since that night and I still don't want to talk about it. It's too painful. "I'm holding up... one of the reason I came here was because of that, I had to leave and start over... I felt like I was suffocating back home.." I said to him my voice cracking a little, but I couldn't cry, not again, there were not more tears left. He didn't say anything and just hugged me. I gave him a small smile and hugged him back. I needed this, I needed him to make me think that everything is going to be alright. "Oh! I almost forgot... Bonnie says hi and that she misses you and that you never call her.." I said laughing remembering my best friend's words. She had said that Namjoon was an asshole because he never remembers to call her but is always calling me. I just laughed. You see Bonnie and I are childhood friends, even our mothers are friends and we've known each other since basically we were in diapers. Obviously she met Joonie when he was at our school, we were inseparable, we did everything together and we went everywhere together.But you could say that Bonnie and Namjoon weren't as close as I am with him and it makes sense. Namjoon and I became friends through music, well more like through rap, and although Bonnie has an amazing voice and enjoys music as much as we do her thing was singing and our thing was rap. Besides she didn't write music like Joonie and I did, but we were still friends and that's what matters. "Woah! it really has been a while since I've talked to her, I really should call her..." He said while laughing remembering our crazy friend. She is indeed crazy, she was always happy and laughing, if I had to compare her with someone I would say that she has the same personality as J-hope. And it's funny the fact that J-hope is her bias in bts. "Haha! you really should!" I said smiling. "Hey what movie are we going to watch?" "Are you up for some Horror?" He asked. I just smiled at him with a devious smile and nodded. You see Namjoon and I love watching horror movie which is what we usually watch when we're together and now that all of the members are going to be here is going to be so much fun watching them watch a horror movie. I mean just imagine Hoseok and Jimin watching a horror movie, that is indeed a sight to see. I let Joonie choose which movie we're going to watch while I was ordering food for all of us. After that we just waited for the boys to arrive so we can start the sleepover.
Namjoon and I were on our phones waiting for the guys when we heard a knock on our door. I got out of the bed where I was laying with Joonie to go answer the door. When I opened the door I was embraced by a group of guys consisting of J-hope, Jimin, V, and jungkook. I laughed at the boys while opening the door wider for the boys to enter. After saying hi to Jin and Suga we all went to my bed and Namjoon went to put the movie on. Thank god my bed was king size so we all fit in it. Our position were: V and kookie in front of the bed closer to the TV, j-hope laying in the middle, Suga was in the right part of the bed and Jin next to him, then there was Jimin and I was next to him with Namjoon next to me (more like behind me since I was slightly in front of him). While the movie started I couldn't help but giggle a little waiting to see everyone's reaction. Since we didn't tell the boys what type of movie we're watching even though they asked, we just answered "You'll see." Jimin noticed I was giggling and questioned me. I just shook my head and told him to forget about it. 'Just wait and see' I thought to myself. ------ 1 hour later in the movie ------ The movie was halfway through and I just couldn't stop laughing. When everyone noticed it was a horror movie there three types of reactions. The first reaction was J-hope's and Jimin's "Why why why?? this is really scary. The second one was Suga's "Eh I don't care, I'm just going to sleep." and then he fell asleep. And then there was Jungkook and Taehyung, they both were excited. I laughed so much watching Jimin trying to hide next me and Hoseok clinging onto Taehyung for dear life, that Namjoon had to grab me preventing me from falling of the bed. It was just that hilarious, I don't even remember what the movie was about. After the movie ended I heard Jimin sighed of relief and J-hope jumped out of the bed and went to get some water. I couldn't stop smiling, they're just too cute. I got out of bed and went to get the food I order with Jin at the receptionist. While we were walking Jin started talking. "So how's everything been going?" He started. "Oh good! you know the usual.." "Good!... So... have you and Namjoon ever gave it a second chance?" He asked. The question surprised me, I mean I know he knew that Joonie and I dated for a while because I was the one that told him but I actually never though about it. I never thought about giving us another chance. "Oh! No oppa... we just forgot about it..." I answered him. He just nodded and asked. "But, do you like him?" He's question surprised me even more. I mean I've thought about it, there were time that I thought that I liked him again but then I wasn't sure anymore. Now I know the answer but I didn't understand why he was questioning me like this. "Why do you ask oppa?" I asked curiously. "Oh! It's just because I saw you two really close when we were watching the movie, the way he grabbed you when you were laughing, it made it seem like a back hug since he was behind you, I don't know I was just wondering.." he shrugged. "Oh!... nah we aren't dating or anything it's just the way we are with each other I guess.... you see since I'm Hispanic we tend to be really touchy with our friends and it's just a culture thing but I know you guys are not like that which is why it may seemed to you like we were more than friends, but we're not and Namjoon is like that with is because he's used to it so for him it seems normal to be like that with even though you guys are here..." I answered him smiling. "Oh..." was all he said when we arrived to my room with the food in our hands. After we all finished eating we were getting bored when I thought of an idea. I mean I know it's childish but ever since I saw it in their new MV 'RUN' I wanted to do it and right now it seemed like the perfect chance. I called the maknae line over and told them what I was thinking and their eyes lit up with excitement. I was giggling to myself thinking about what I'm about to do. Jungkook, V, Jimin and I went to grab the pillows from the bed and the extra ones that were is the closet and hide it behind us while approaching our prey. The guys didn't noticed us until we were hitting them with out pillows. V attacked J-hope. Jungkook attacked Suga. Jimin attacked Jin. I attacked Joonie. After we were done all of us were laughing so hard that we didn't noticed when all the hyungs grabbed a pillow and started attacking us. Ladies and gentlemen that is how you start a pillow fight with Bangtan freaking boys! After our pillow fight we were all laughing so hard. It was really fun just being with the boys, they never fail to make you smile. After the pillow fight we decided to call it a night and went to sleep since it was already 2am in the morning. I grabbed my phone to put my alarm for tomorrow when I noticed I had a text message. "Good Night! :)" - JS (Jackson Wang)
So here's the second part of chapter 3 I hope you guys like it.... I may give you guys a bonus chapter about the sleepover playing truth or dare with bts.. I don't know.... Should I? or should I not? Let me know in the comments.... This chapter is dedicated to my best friend @BelencitaGarcia (Also known as Bonnie) If you want to be tagged please let me know! @VeronicaArtino@MadAndrea @Emealia @CreeTheOtaku @DeyaniraEstrada @ninjamidori @StarlightDria @KatiePrihodiko @VKookie47 @aleeejandraaa @sarahdarwish @MorleeCorielus @jaebug @jojojordy2324 @MayraCastro @otakukpopgirl @XergaB20 @11erinmims @KatiePrihodiko @KellyOConnor @TLeahEdwards @DreaG1518 @chinabarrier16 @loftonc16 @thePinkPrincess @XergaB20 @kyky97 @LaLa12 @EliseB @Beckah1327 @sherrysahar @DawanaMason
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