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The original Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) first released in October 1996 in Japan. Even crazier? Pokemon Blue released in Japan on February 27 of the same year. As 2016 is hearkening at the doorstep, this means that we find ourselves on the verge of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary.
It's crazy to think that the franchise is so old now. I remember so vividly playing Blue when I was a youth. I think I must have started playing it two years later, once it was released in America in 1998. But now here I sit, a 23-year-old nothing remarking about the growth of this franchise.
I'm not the only one, either. The people in charge of these kinds of things are re-releasing the original first edition run of Pokemon cards for the anniversary.
Here's a quote from Wired:
The 60-card base set will reproduce the 1996 editions perfectly, with the original character art and designs intact. The starter pack will also include the player's rulebook and a coin marker.
There's no word as of yet about an international release, but we can hold out hope that they aren't going to go with the American 20th anniversary, which would put it at a 2018-19 release.
Personally, I'm just excited at the prospect of getting another, new, holographic Charizard.
omg, remember the fossil cards. I wonder if they're going to bring back the "DARK" pokemon, like DARK Charizard or DARK Persian
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mm I see that yu gi oh card
@EmilyPeacock i love the Dark pokemon cards I still hav my dark rapidash
@arnelli ur right lord soft bottom this is fucken awesome
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