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So this morning I was perusing Twitter when a hashtag caught my eye. #MillennialResolutions
I thought, "Wow hey! That's my generation!" and though I usually don't care about Twitter Trends. I decided to take a look at some of the tweets.

Some of them were pretty funny.

Like, I get that a lot of us our on our phones all the time. I get that we have words or phrases we use, like "fleek" and "artisinal" and "I can't even." Some of us can't stop taking selfies.

But some of them got me really angry.

Does the rest of the world really feel this way about my generation?

Do they really think we are too lazy to get a job so we live with our parents? Do they think that the LGBTQ movement is us being indecisive? That participating in a movement is just a means to get attention?

Well, to all the Twitter peeps out there hash tagging #MillennialResolutions here are some fun facts about my generation.

Do they know the challenges we are facing?
We are the the largest group with student debt, the total surpassing $1 trillion in 2014.
Millennials faced the one of the largest drops in the job market in history, and it will have effects on our careers for the rest of our lives.
Or how we are actually shaping the world?
Millennial are the largest, and most diverse generation in the U.S.
We have more women in the workforce than ever before.
We value family, community, and creativity in our work.

So, here I am on Vingle about to set the record straight. Here are my #MillennialResolutions

To join and help promote a charitable organization #MillennialResolutions
Reconnect with the purpose behind my job and future, bring some of creativity into the workplace #MillennialResolutions
Be kinder to my coworkers, family, and friends #MillennialResolutions
Discuss issues that are important-- like politics, social issues, and change #MillennialResolutions
And help and support the rest of my generation #MillennialResolutions

What are your #MillennialResolutions? Or just #Resolutions in general?

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I think resolutions are more yearly things? bucket lists are before you die... I think @vonchio XD
Man. You have to LOVE IT when people decide to generalize and stereotype entire generations. >.< UGH.
I love putting it to shame @ButterflyBlu! Any time I meet someone that thinks this about millennials, I explain all the awesome things that me and my friends are doing in this world. I'm so proud of my generation, I want to give us some more cred'
@nicolejb yes! I absolutely agree. That's when I do go on a bragging streak and just watch their faces. Lol. XD
Yup! My new resolution, talk about the awesome people, shut down the haters @ButterflyBlu