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The Last Shadow Puppets is an english group consisting of Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and his friend Miles Kane. They have released their debut album, "The Age of the Understatement" in 2008. Since then, there have been rumors of a follow-up but Alex and Miles apparently couldn't find time for it, too busy between the Arctic Monkeys and Miles's solo work. Finally, they have recently announced the completion of their second album, which will be out in spring 2016. I'm super excited about this !!!!
"The Age of the Understatement" is a symphonic pop/rock album, with electric guitars and strings, western sounding. They've really succeeded in creating an atmosphere in this album. Besides, Alex Turner is a very skilled songwriter, his lyrics focusing mainly on relationships and heartbreak.
The Age of the Understatement, opener of the album. This song has an epic start with a powerful western-like rhythm. It grows in intensity throughout. Brilliant song!
My Mistakes Were Made for You Another favorite of mine. It could have made a great James Bond theme.
Calm Like You "Oh, he was young, in the frost No regard for the cost Of saying his feelings In the moment they were felt And if he was calm like you Locked up inside of your loops Then he'd know for well That all he had to say was All he had to say was goodbye"
A teaser for their 2nd album. Enjoy!
It's Alex Turner's birthday!
I absolutely LOVE them. They're such a fun side project. I really respect bands that can break out on their own for a while and ultimately come back together too. The musical progression of this project seems like, really logical to me too. I am so excited for this album. Can't wait until it comes out. Plus, I love the addition of strings. The first song I ever recorded as an artist featured a string trio. Atmosphere is always driven by strings for me. @Titplum really deft write up too!
@TessStevens What do you think of them? I wonder what the next album will sound like. I'm sure it will be different somehow, even though strings seem to be involved again.
@TessStevens What a fan I am! I wasn't even aware of that... :)