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Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding BTS and I don't like it...not one bit. first of all with the whole 'BTS being angry at us ARMYs for posting profanity on their YouTube channel and possibly Twitter calling Junkook and Rap Monster "DADDY" and then we have Nitizens blaming us international fans for calling them dad along with the edited pictures. To be honest not all of us ARMYs are like that and I don't fucking like how they are only blaming us for doing such things when they fucking do it too. Many of can apolazise but personally I think that they should just ignore it and move on and I'm sorry if my opinion is different from yours but I really think it's normal they've been in the idol industry for over 2 and almost 3 years and they should know that this happens.
2nd. Along with the death threat to Junkook if it's real or not it still needs to be stopped in not blaming all EXO-Ls because I'm an EXO-L my self but for the ones who started this fucking stop BTS has already too much to deal with to have this being added to the plate. So please let's all just calm down for a second and be respectful and keep the BTS members happy and safe.
Glad to get that out of my system!