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Although my immediately family does not have any hardcore traditions for the New Year, I have seen a few of my family members throw a bucket of water outside at the stroke of midnight. I've also seen some of my friend's family do this sort of thing.
Apparently, the throwing out of water is to symbolize throwing out the old and dirty, to start the new year clean. According to some sources, it symbolizes the drive away of evil spirits.
(Does it mean something different for you and your family?)

Do you have any weird traditions for the New Year?

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black-eyed peas for dinner and a man must be the first to walk through the door in the New Year (symbols of good luck). 馃憣 I just learned to follow Mom's orders bc the second one I was like "What????"
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eat grapes, walk around with a luggage, clean the house and wash clothes lol. and wear red underwear.
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my mom cleaned the house, showered, inside out red undies and red bra :)
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Haha that's so bizarre!!! @AnimeLove300
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