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Although my immediately family does not have any hardcore traditions for the New Year, I have seen a few of my family members throw a bucket of water outside at the stroke of midnight. I've also seen some of my friend's family do this sort of thing.
Apparently, the throwing out of water is to symbolize throwing out the old and dirty, to start the new year clean. According to some sources, it symbolizes the drive away of evil spirits.
(Does it mean something different for you and your family?)

Do you have any weird traditions for the New Year?

@alywoah @drummergirl691 my mom always does the 12 grapes but she has eat all 12 in the last minute, I have no idea why and when you are trying to scream Feliz A帽o Nuevo is more like GbdjjdH jkdndnj bjhgud
My family each eats 12 grapes and either make a wish for each grape, or just one big wish. and we use party poppers at midnight. Nothing really weird though.
Lol some years too much Champagne before hand leads you to sleep. 馃槀 that is our case
Awwww yes. That reminds me, my entire family gives each other hugs & kisses. It's a very nice family moment. I am so excited for the New Years celebration. It's always being around people you care about. :) @jazziejazz
Oh yea @alywoah my family does the water throwing thing. I grew up in a cold state, so I would laugh because after the apple drops, we'd kiss and hug and then throw water out. Now the reason I laugh, was after about a half an hour the water that was thrown has now turned into ice and drunk relatives would slip and fall. Lol. Great memories. Lol
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