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From the three creative minds of Kiana Underwood, of Tulipina Design, a Lafayette, California bridal shop called Lace & Bustle and photographer, Emily Scott take a look at this glorious vision where bridal meets floral--all in one!
The bride who adorns her body with this dress wouldn't have to bother with a bridal bouquet because the garden florals are appliqued to the dress itself. Yes--these are real cut fresh flowers. Look at the size of those dahlias! Like dinner plates!
Would you venture into something bold like this for your wedding day? What about you @stephosorio? :)
For incredible bridal flowers, you have to click here for more!
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i like it... it blows my mind... but perhaps (if the pic is an example) either theres a little to many flowers (which i dont think is the case. theres never enough.) or they could have been placed a little differently....
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah, I definitely wish there were more (different) angles of this dress adorned with flowers. That would have been great! And you're right, there are never enough flowers. LOL @AlidaGarman
2 years ago·Reply
haha, especially when it comes to roses... and edelwiss....
2 years ago·Reply
roses are my favorite! !!!
2 years ago·Reply
one of mine two. i love white roses.
2 years ago·Reply