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It's been a long, hectic year. It's been a really big year for me actually, between moving to California and job stuff and making 5 years with my lovely partner.
Part of that awesomeness and craziness was being the mod for Video Games this past quarter! I really enjoyed being able to try and push our community to be something bigger and better and bolder.
Now the mantle is passed on to our mostly-friendly, surely entirely competent little droideika, @pauliasadroid. Hopefully you outshine every bit of my tenure!
In any case, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on my year in gaming. I played a bunch of stuff this year. Most of it wasn't new games, because I'm forever a broke dude, but a lot of it was fun as hell.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix - PS3

Not a new game, and not even really new to me. Kingdom Hearts is a staple of who I am as a gamer and the two console iterations are in my top 15 games of all time. (I liked Chain of Memories but not near as much as 1 and 2)
Playing the updated rehd remix for the PS3 was awesome, and I played through the game on critical mode, one of the more challenging endeavors I took on this past year. The critical difficulty doesn't pull it's punches. I wrote about the experience a few months back. The big takeaway from it for me was this: FUCK. YOU. HADES.
Still though, playing the game again was really dope. Reliving the story and jumping back into Kingdom Hearts after such a long time was cool as hell. Being able to play Birth by Sleep (which I'd missed out on) was also dope. Considering the scope of the narrative in KH, getting the stories from the in-between games is necessary.

Dishonored - PS3

Another not-new game. I'm telling you, staying on the up-and-up requires funds I never have. Regardless, though, finally jumping on the Dishonored bandwagon was definitely rewarding. The game plays like everything a stealth game should play like. It's got the tension, atmosphere, and controls in a great meshing of elements.
If I'm being honest my first play-through was shit. I sucked at the game. I had no style. I was just running around committing wanton acts of murderous violence. Which is fun! But there was no flair in mine.
My second play-through was much better. I decided to avoid killing anybody in hopes of unlocking that juiciest of achievements. It took a massively long time, but I think it was ultimately worth it.

Splatoon - Wii U

I don't own a Wii U. I don't even own a regular Wii. However, one of my best friends does, so I was able to get some time in on Splatoon. Nowhere near enough time, but still, enough to make an impact.
Nintendo's first new IP in what feels like a million years, Splatoon hits all of the marks- it does a lot right. It's easily accessible for kids to play, and the the nature of the combat is kind of exactly what competitive online shooters needed. It brings new life to the entire genre. Instead of mindlessly killing you opponents, you just cover the map in paint for your own team.
This one is for you, Eddy. Even if you visit weird subreddits.

Allison Road

Okay, so Allison Road doesn't formally exist yet, but it's a game I got super stoked about this year. With the death cry of PT still resounding, there seemed like there was no light on the horizon for the project. While that is unfortunately still true, Allison Road at least provides the spirit of what PT was hopefully going to stand for.
It went through some strange steps on it's way. The guys behind Allison Road, Lilith Ltd, started a Kickstarter page for the game. When there was less than a week left in the campaign, the studio was picked up by a larger publisher, Team17 (the people who make the Worms games).
With the new publisher backing the project, the game will hopefully see a 2016 release.

Fallout 4

Yes, finally a new and current game. This was a game I couldn't NOT get. When the November release date was announced in June, my level of hype shot through the roof. I loved Fallout 3 so much- I played probably a million hours of that game.
I never played the other installments in the series. I can't say I'm a super fallout fan boy, but I can say that I thoroughly love 3 and 4. Four is all the things I want in a Fallout game, though perhaps with fewer non-aggressive options.
Customizable weapons and armor, settlement building and managing, and the Commonwealth to explore. Fallout 4 has just so much to do and at all at your own leisure. I still haven't found my kid, but hey, I've got Deathclaws to hunt.

League of Legends

League just takes up so much of my time. I don't really know why I continue to play. Probably out of habit now, after ~4 years of playing it. I still suck, I'm still Wood 6, I still get too frustrated after a loss.
Still though, I keep plucking away at my favorite timesink. And I fear that I always will...
@RaquelArredondo I'm a top laner myself for the most part. I also jungle. both can be super annoying. I take it that because of how your brothers play, you don't?
@VinMcCarthy I wouldn't doubt that haha. That game seems to be very frustrating. My brothers always argue about who should go top or mid. It usually comes down to who's better. My eldest brother (with the issues) has an ego of being "the best". Hahaha it's funny cx
@RaquelArredondo I have come incredibly close to similar stuff. I broke a wireless mouse I used to have
Don't get me started with League of brother needs anger management classes. He broke a laptop by punching it against the table. But it was going to happen sooner or later cx hahaha he showed signs of anger by banging on the poor table. You're a tough table!
@VinMcCarthy do it! Just do it!
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