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Sehun walked glaring at Kyungsoo. "Can you leave I am trying to talk to them" Chanyeol said watching Sehun head to the fridge. "ugh, Fine" Sehun said grabbing a water bottle and walking off. "So what were those nosies?" Chanyeol still kind of shocked from them. "We were watching a movie so a sexually scene probably came on.." Jongin said. "Are you sure?" Chanyeol said kind if believing them kind of not. "Yes we are sure!" They both said at the same time. "Ok.." Chanyeol said getting up. "You can trust." He said before he was out of the kitchen. Kyungsoo going to the room to get dressed. Jongin was right behind him. ~~After the got dressed and into the van heading to the studio~~ They jumped out and ran inside before the people outside could stop them. Once inside the started practicing Today they all got to choose a song dance to. So far, everyone was choosing Overdose, Wolf or Growl. Kyungsoo finally got to make he chose Love Me Right. They danced perfectly. All of them together. No one messed a step. Jongin chose Lady Luck. They all were good but messed a couple steps. ~~After practice, They were wondering why Kyungsoo and Jongin were connected to eachother~~ "They are never like this" Tao said to Xiumim. "Chanyeol what kind of sounds did you hear?" Tao said looking over at Chanyeol. "Like..moaning sounds." He said quitely looking at Tao. His eyes frew wide and looked at them. *They wouldnt..or would they* Tao thought looking at the window. Since Kyungsoo and Jongin where the only one in the back seat Kyungsoo had his hand on Jongins thigh.Jongin smiled and held Kyungsoo hand. All the other members couldnt see their hands but could till their hands were connected from the look on their faces. "We are here!" Suho said opening the door and running into the dorm. The rest of them followed behind along with Kyungsoo and Jongin behind them. They were all catching their breath expect for Kyungsoo and Jongin who walked half the way. They didnt realize their hands were still connected till everyone was staring down at them. Jongin pulled his hand away from Kyungsoo's. *I knew sonething was going on between them* Chanyeol said to himself. Tao looked at Chanyeol with wide eyes and face saying /you were right\. "Aish. I am just going to tell them" Kyungsoo whispered into Jongins ear. "We are together but the nosies werent us!" Kyungsoo said firmly hiding the fact that the nosies were him and Jongin but only told them about their relationship they have been hiding for the past 6 months.
Sorry to end it there! I eill be adding to chapters a day. So part 4 will be up later ^^ @justcallmekyki @Mercii @ThePinkPrincess @TLeahEdwards @11erinmims @Emealia @marisamusic @VeronicaArtino @VixenViVi @reyestiny93 @Kieuseru @DestinyMcCauley
kyungsoo damn does he have the guts to say it
I love this. it is good
lol they didn't even try to hide it xD