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The series left an opening for this fan-favorite character.

There was one major departure that the Netflix adaptation took from the original Jessica Jones comics (apart from making Kilgrave not purple): Jessica's BFF in the comics was actually Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. What happened? Well, Marvel decided that Captain Marvel was more suited to film instead. Which means that her role was filled by Trish Walker. And in the comics, she's got a very special role:

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat!

In the comics-verse, Patsy Walker was a beloved comic book character. Yup, she's a comic book character who had comics written in-universe about her. So the angle the series took with Trish's unwanted celebrity was actually pretty close to her original backstory. Now Patsy is going by Hellcat. She's not the most powerful hero in the Marvel canon. She is however very bright, and very sympathetic. She's not saving the earth from alien missiles, she actually deals with a lot more human problems.

The current comics are pretty popular too.

Written by Kate Leth (with art by Brittney L Williams), the comics are upbeat and interesting. The tone is pretty different from Jessica Jones in almost every way, but that's not to say Hellcat wouldn't fit in with the world that Netflix is building. Trish's personality is incredibly different from Jessica's, so it would make sense for her more heroic exploits to be different as well.

Unlike Jessica, Trish dreams of heroes.

She encouraged Jessica to put on a costume and become one, and made references to feeling like Jessica could do something that she wanted to do but couldn't (an interesting parallel to the cruel pressure Trish's mom placed on her to be an actress). After being confronted with real evil, Trish seemed disillusioned with the idea of costumed heroes. But will that last, or is it possible she'll reconsider her own abilities?

Who else likes this idea?

Minus the cape of course. We all know better.
Yes LA VON Dangerous approves
@BeannachtOraibh yeah! I feel like the first season left her a bit disillusioned but I think that wasn't permanent. Who knows what the second season will bring :)
@shannonl5 Oh, I missed this one! I could actually see this character donning cape and all...she has a very idealistic view of superheroes. It does seem like they were building up to the creation of the Hellcat persona.
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