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Mad clown He's from Starship and is friends with Hyolin. He's song called fire is amazing Hani from Exid was in the video He's a marshmallow, He was in weekly idol
Verbal Jint I'm in love with verbal jint and I ship him with Taeyeon lol He's in Brand New
Very handsome Hanhae He's from Brand New Was in show me the money 4
Lil Boi from Geeks Another cutie Was also in Smtm4
This Is another cutie Loco is currently under AOMG with Jay Park Made a song with Mamamoo
GIRIBOY This guy is just amazing plz check out his songs lol just check the songs for everyone
SAN E Is from Brand New too
Let's end with black Nut ( One of My favorite) I'm seriously shipping him with jooheon lol Was part of Just Music along with giriboy and swing
Mad Clown is one of my favorite rappers and he is just too cute. GIRIBOY kinda looks like a mix between Mad Clown and GD.
mad clown is my favorite😊
@Marblue143 oh dear
i was watching no.mercy and he was a fantastic judge and role model for the trainees
now I got to put more people on my list damn it...😂😂
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