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Mad clown He's from Starship and is friends with Hyolin. He's song called fire is amazing Hani from Exid was in the video He's a marshmallow, He was in weekly idol
Verbal Jint I'm in love with verbal jint and I ship him with Taeyeon lol He's in Brand New
Very handsome Hanhae He's from Brand New Was in show me the money 4
Lil Boi from Geeks Another cutie Was also in Smtm4
This Is another cutie Loco is currently under AOMG with Jay Park Made a song with Mamamoo
GIRIBOY This guy is just amazing plz check out his songs lol just check the songs for everyone
SAN E Is from Brand New too
Let's end with black Nut ( One of My favorite) I'm seriously shipping him with jooheon lol Was part of Just Music along with giriboy and swing
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now I got to put more people on my list damn it...😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
i was watching no.mercy and he was a fantastic judge and role model for the trainees
2 years ago·Reply
@KeziahWright lol I still missed people like Vasco and swings and I'm also making a girl edition😂
2 years ago·Reply
@Marblue143 oh dear
2 years ago·Reply
mad clown is my favorite😊
2 years ago·Reply