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How well do you know Natasha Romanoff?

Last week we did the Hulk and that was pretty tricky! This week it's another elusive character: The Black Widow. I'm going to tell you three facts about her, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. The original plan for the MCU was to do a Black Widow movie first.
2. Natasha was not the first character to go by 'Black Widow'.
3. She and Hawkeye weren't an item until the 1980s.

Here are the answers from last week!

1. He's got beef with Freddie Prinze Jr. TRUE
2. He was renamed 'David' in the tv series for Stan Lee's father LIE
3. The Hulk can see ghosts TRUE
That's right- in a weird arc Bruce's ex-girlfriend started dating Freddie Prinze Jr., which did not make the Hulk happy. And while he did go by David in the tv series, it wasn't for Stan Lee's father (his name was Jack Lieber). Allegedly, it's because network execs thought 'Bruce Banner' sounded gay. Yeah. I don't get that one either.

Let's see how you do this week!

1) lie 2) true 3) true
true, true, lie.
& I'm the first to call out number two as the lie I just noticed. :p
Nailed the hulk question with ease... but thats not because I knew a lot about the hulk himself, I know a thing or three about stan lee. ^_^ and on this question number two is the lie, she was not the first code name black widow. :)
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