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AHHH! Yes I know I need to continue my Junior fanfic, but I haven't been to my moms house in a while and that's where I have it written. Please forgive me. Until then, I promise I will do my best with this story.
This story is about you and your bestie Hwasa (from Mamamoo) that work at a cafe, and a mysterious prince.
Trying to keep your eyes open, you and Hwasa continued yawning while slouching in your seat. “Why don’t we ever have any customers?” You observed as you focused on the dusty tables. You tried to keep yourself entertained by braiding your hair while Hwasa got up to wipe down the tables for the seventh time that day. “Do you want to put on some music until we close up in about 10 minutes? Since there is no one else here, I suppose you can just put on whatever you want.” You heard the bell that announced whenever someone has walked in and your head shot up “Welco-” The two of you watched as the figure ran through the front door and into the back door that lead into the kitchen, then looked back at each other, then back at the door. You got up to go see who that was, but Hwasa stopped you by grabbing your wrist. You pulled away from her and slowly made your way over to the door. “Hello?” You popped her head in. “Sorry, but you aren’t allowed back here-” The person pulled you down and put its hand over your mouth “Shh. They can’t know I’m here..” He said. You let out a squeak but did not fight it. After moments passed, he finally let go and you both stood up “Sorry..” He apologized. Both of you stood up and stared at each other for a bit until the man popped his head out the door, assuring he was safe, then you both walked out of the back room and took a seat on one of the tables. “So what exactly just happened?” You looked at him. “Umm, well, I just wanted to take a look at your kitchen.” He pointed at the kitchen and then looked at the ground. “So you were not running away from the big scary men that are right outside?” Hwasa taunted. “What?! They are here?!” He ran and hid under a table, hitting his head on the way down. You and Hwasa started laughing at him. “No, but now I know what’s really going on. So are you going explain? Or are we going to have to hunt down those guys?” Hwasa started walking towards the door. “Wait! I can explain.” He grabbed her wrist, pulling her away from the door. You and Hwasa gathered around the table and he started to explain. “Okay, long story short, my name is Prince Minhyuk. I am Prince of Mokpo, South Korea. I am part of a Korean pop group, have you ever heard of Yebae? And I ran away from home and those guys are here to take me back home. I need your guys’ help, they can not find me, do you understand?” You and Hwasa looked at each other. Confused, Hwasa asked, “So what exactly is your plan? Where are you going to stay?” Minhyuk looked over at you and smiled. “Oh no. No. You cannot stay with me. You can’t. Nope.” You crossed your arms and looked at the ceiling. Then Minhyuk smiled at Hwasa. “Excuse me? No. (Y/N), just let him stay with you. I have a boyfriend.” Hwasa begged you. “Yeah, let me live with you, she has a boyfriend.” Minhyuk and Hwasa shook you. “Fine! You can stay with me. No funny business though. And only for a few nights. If you touch me I will gut you like a fish.” you gave in. Minhyuk cheered and sat in a seat “So when do we leave?” he asked. “It’s time to close up anyway, so I suppose we could leave right now.” Hwasa looked at the clock. Minhyuk held the door open for her as she made her way towards her car and drove off.
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