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So the other day I posted a beautiful video of Hanbins sexy dancing and after being inspired by these lovely beans @helixx @magicbananas and our previous lovely posts of #DemBlessedPants I've decided we need to spread the love of our favorite sexy dances that our lovely bias graced us with. I know you guys are all thinking about that one dance that just killed you inside so I want you guys to make a card of your favorite sexy dance or dance in general and tag everyone you know so they can enjoy some lovely dancing!

My pick is Uniq's EOEO dance.....do I need to explain why I mean just watch the video and try not to die😂😍😍

Omg! Yaaaaaas! Slay
trust me I have tried but bae number 1.......
Clearly, I have some work to do when I get home.