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Time is of the essence.

Thanks to social media, we are surrounded by old and new friends changing their status to 'engaged' every single day -- although we all know Facebook statuses mean absolutely nothing. As happy as you happen to be for them, in the back of your head -- being in a committed relationship, you can't help but question when your time will come.
As the days pass you by, scrolling down your timeline becomes a chore. You spend holiday's hoping and praying that inside of that mini gift bag will be a ring with your name written all over it. Leave it up to Amy Schumer to make light of a situation that so many women can relate to. Whether you're that woman or not, if you're in need of a good chuckle -- keep scrolling and see this hilarious ad that's so straight forward it's funny.

Do you think a lot of women in committed relationships should automatically expect a ring?

Ladies, practice patience. The ring will come.
As pretty as a ring may be, a marriage isn't made on the foundation of a ring.
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I think marriage is beautiful as well, but like you said labels are not important at all. Thanks so much for chiming in!! @arnelli
Yeah, I think way too many women destroy relationships and waste so much damn time with their man because they're obsessing about a ring. It's sad, honestly. Don't get me wrong, if that what two people want, then go for it. But when it is ALL a woman talks about, it drives me insane. I want to ask some of my friends what their relationships are based on: needing a ring or something else. You know me, though, @jordanhamilton. I think life's too short to waste it on the wrong crap. Yeah, I'd love to get married again, but I refuse to waste my time! <3
I totally agree!!! Women do get caught up in the materialistic idea of a marriage & forget all about what matters most. We are def in the same boat though, life is way too short & I don't plan on wasting my time anytime soon! Great mindset you have!! @ButterflyBlu :)