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Who rocks the cape best?

One popular trope in comic books is that superheroes designed their own costumes (Spider-man can sew y'all) which means that all of the colors and silhouettes and other ~aesthetic~ choices were made by the person wearing the mask!

Let's make this a vingle voting game!

Any American comic book hero is fair game!
Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, any hero from American comics can be voted for.
Vote with your comments!
Comment with the name of the character you think is stylish- most likes wins!
We'll see who won next week!
Which means you'll have lots of time to lobby for your favorite fashionable hero.

Let the game begin!

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Poison Ivy (I was gonna say Mystique as a joke at first since she doesn't really wear clothes...)
2 years ago·Reply
@BadWolfBitch she's got great taste in leaves though
2 years ago·Reply
poison ivy...she's at one with nature and I like my camouflage
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens ok yes that mask is a good look for him XD @EasternShell 'one with nature' is a really good way of putting that :D
2 years ago·Reply