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Memories ch.2 Suga X Reader Angst “I want you back” “I..Want..You..back” “i want you…back” No, he didn’t like it. His voice sounded either way to comical or too serious It’s being 30 minutes since he went inside the Cafe and he had already tasted hell itself. Him grabbing your hand Him looking up at your eyes every second Him grabbing you by your waist Him trying to steal a smile from you All the things he was doing, made his blood boil with anger and jealousy. Why? Because he was the one supposed to be doing all that. He hated the fact that he had the opportunity to do all that. And sadly, he took that for granted And there he was…. That guy trying to kiss you. And hell he was not going to allow it. “Oh? Is that you?…(Y/N)?” You could never forget his voice. You turned around just to know that everything was going to hell now. Suga sat next to you and kissed you on the cheek. You looked back at him with a disgusted face. “I am sorry, but my date and I are kinda busy”-You looked back at him and he smiled at you. Then he proceeded to look at the person in front of you. “(Y/N) and I had our first date here, Ya know?, we also kissed here and when no one was looking, we made out, yeah at that same sit you are sitting on right now, sadly we took it to my apartment, since she was being too load and…” Suga didn’t get to finish as he felt your hand slap across his face. Your date now gone, as he felt indignation going through his emotions, he left you alone with the guy you once saw as the love of your life. “Are you happy now? I actually stared to like him! What do you want now? You already took everything, what else do you want from me?!”- you said, while you hold back your tears. Finally, you had the courage to look at Suga in the eyes. He didn’t want to say a word. But he had to do it, may be, this was his last chance. "I want you back” A/N: Sorry I know this was short, I was out of the country and I couldn't work on this, and since I am also working on "Never Enough" Which would come out later tonight, I really wanted to give you something for new years and Christmas! Do you want more? @mariadelzam @reyestiny93 @oliviazenger @QueenLee @MelinaHernandez @Sarahdarwish @jirockstar @ninjamidori @clstap1 @veronicaArtino @ILikeHisFace123 @AliciaJaneth THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE NICE COMMENTS :)
😮 I cannot believe she slapped Suga but it makes sense. If you make another part please tag me in it
please tag me on part 3 and the rest of the story please
tag me please.😇😇😇😇
Omigawd this was too short I need more😭
It's so good! If you make more parts can you tag me please?
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