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For the last past two nights I've been having dreams of the BTS members and I honestly don't know if this is going to turn into a habit now lmao. Also I had to vent this because if I was to vent to someone else they wouldn't understand because they are non-kpop fans *sigh*
Anyway, so for the first night the dream was about Rapmon who is my #1 choice of BTS, but from what I can remember is that I look over to my left and there he is laying beside me just smiling at me with that handsome face of his and those adorable dimples... ahh! he was speaking to me in English, which we all know he is good at but in the dream his English was like fluent and voice was a little deeper too. I just woke up like omo~ only if it was real. He was even giving me a back hug too!! ah i'm going crazy lmao
The next dream was about my second choice who is Jimin. This dream was more remember-able, but anyway it just warped into him like playing with my hair and teasing me, than he starts to sing a song that was made for me that we wrote. We know Jimin English isn't so good and it's just adorable! But in the dream unlike Rapmon Jimins English wasn't good but he said this to me "Hello honey" and all I could do was just cover my face from smiling so hard and he came around to look at me an he just smiled and laughed waiting for me to uncover my face. It felt like drama, you know those scene when they get a text or a phone call from their significant other and how they have cute nicknames? Well for me in my phone his name was Jimin bear... Like what in the world lmao
I have a feeling that these dreams are going to be like a pattern, I feel like if i continue to have these dreams of BTS they will be lined up by my personal ranking lol. Has anyone experienced a quick dream of your favorite BTS member or other Kpop boy bands?
I hope i'm not alone lmao I think i'm going crazy, BTS has taken over my life I swear >.<
@ItsTaeHarris ikr but I do believe I'll meet them just with my group and such 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@ItsTaeHarris I had the same issue with seventeen like I had dreams of meeting them talking to them friends with them I mean is God telling we something cause I am going to YG but geez I'm lost 馃槀馃槀馃槀
my mom says what you watch in the day can come to the dream land 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@KeziahWright Fighting!~ you'll meet them lol
@KeziahWright Lmao! I feel like this is a big tease it's not fair for us fan girls to have dreams like this lmao
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