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Thanks to @shannonl5, I got to see this new photo from Daredevil Season 2 (I posted it again below). When I saw it, I immediately thought of that moment from Garth Ennis' Punisher run that nearly knocked me off my chair. It was a short-lived moment but it definitely rounded out the relationship that Frank Castle and Matt Murdock have with each other.
So, seeing Daredevil chained up in a way that's similar to the comic books, the teenage me erupted with such force and energy, I spilled my coffee all over my shirt. And I was wearing a white shirt. Now I am wearing a white shirt with a brown stain on it.
The main reason I'm excited about this -- possibly -- being a part of Daredevil's next season is because it means the showrunners are taking the time to develop Frank Castle's character and his motives. If the first season is any indication, then we can assume that The Punisher won't be a stereotype or a caricature of himself.
I think I've said this before but both Daredevil and The Punisher are my favorite heroes on the Marvel roster. So seeing them both on the screen in a way that looks like it's going to be completely awesome is something the teenage me has been waiting for his whole life.
You can check out the full page of the comic that this scene from the show mimics below!
Absolutely awesome scene! And great write up too
Even. More. Excited!! 😮😊
yes its a great scene... choices are hard to make sometimes.
I hadn't thought of this! @jazziejazz @BeannachtOraibh @ButterflyBlu @LAVONYORK @peahyr @Raadhiyah @AimeeH @jeffpeterrutan did any of you notice this? It's such a great scene from the comics