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Kim Namjoon.

Enough said.

(none of these are mine! I just found them!)

Look at this adorable man!

(I know I say that for a lot of them, but come on... these korean men are perfect!)

Namjoon, I hope you get better soon! We are all so worried! >-<

Can you guys tell I have quite a lot of pictures of him?

Because I do. I shamelessly admit it!

Anyways, let's all support our boys and show our love! โค Have a good day guys, I hope you all stay in good health!
(P.S: I'm posting a lot now because I have no life outside of kpop and I'm on holiday [from school], so I apologize for when I stop posting as much! ...or if I'm posting too much... Also, sorry for any typos. My phone likes to be a butt sometimes! [plus I have fat, not-graceful hands] Feel free to tell me anything I should change or improve upon in my posts as well!)
Hahaha omg Namjoon... God I love him and each of the BTS boys... They will be my death yet... Each one wrecks my bias list in their own special ways...
he is my future husband ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
One of the most sexiest groups and Namjoon is hot as hell