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Well I loved season 1 being action packed and humorous, with friendship and love everywhere. Season 2 however, ruined it with the ending of episode 13. What I don't get is why get the other moka back, if clearly her true side is safer and better than her innocent side. Sukune can be safe with her more badass side. That's just what I think, that ending shouldn't exist. Who has watched both season and what do you think?
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@ErikFrausto lol but no^-^★
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I mean at the end of the anime I watch
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I know it was supposed to be a cliffhanger...
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Yeah most harem anime only get two seasons at best, And the second season kind of ruined it for me it was nothing but pantie shots and sexual humor. The first season at least balanced it out with fighting sequences
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RV is another fruit basket where the manga does so much and the anime sucks :/
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