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~~Its been 2 months since Kyungsoo told the group him and Jongin were together~~ (sorry had to do a time jump) The group was shocked but they were supportive. Well...expect for one. Sehun. Sehun didnt like them together. He know he would get Jongin even if meant to get Kyungsoo gone. Day after day people kept posting on soical media of the two idols dating but they kept lying. They didnt know why they found out. Knowing that the group wouldnt spill their secret, unless Kyungsoo and Jongin said it first. They group went out to eat but cameras where everywhere. Untill they got into the restaurant the group was safe.
~~They finally finished dinner and head to the dance studio since they had to go on tour tomorrow~~ They boys didnt miss a step all of them were together. No one out of beat. Sehun kept watching Jongin and Kyungsoo.Kyungsoo eyes were attached to Jongin and Jongin was attached to Kyungsoo. Watching his every move making his smile widen. ~~After hours of practicing they finally finished. But Sehun had a plan to get him and Jongin alone~~ Sehun always asked Jongin to stay late, but Jongin always turned him down. But tonight he stayed to help. Sehun smiled widely. His plan might work.
@justcallmekyki Sorry Kyki >.<
@thePinkPrincess. Ok. Question, how do you do that since I am still kinda of new to this app
looking forward to more!! :)
I'm so conflicted right now. I'm both a Kaihun and Kaisoo shipper ughhh!!! But Sehun is acting really salty right now -.-
I'm really hating this suspense:(
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