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Barbell calf raises is a pretty easy exercise to execute, as long as you're handling a weight you can comfortable stand with on your back. The main muscle worked for this exercise are your calves. For this exercise, you just need a barbell (and weights added if you can handle more weight).

1) Place the bar on your back and lift off the rack.
2) Step back a few steps. Position legs shoulder width apart.
3) Raise your heel and flex your calves. Go down back slowly to the starting position.
My tips:
-Do this exercise in a squat rack with the safety bars included. Just in case!
-Keep the knee stationary.
-You may place a plate under the ball of your feet for a better range of motion.
Yassss sculpt those legs!
@Chisingularis do you have any tips?
You're welcome! Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions!!! :) @mchlyang
Have never thought about putting a plate below! That's genius! Thanks for the tip!
I'm totally going to try this @alywoah! !!!! 馃槂馃槀馃榿馃榾