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Honestly, the ONLY DRAMA that should ensue in your bridal suite, just before the ceremony, should be an epic floral arrangement like this!
I'm reeling from this fabulous swath of floristry--it's giving me absolute life! What comes to your mind when you see this? Picture it. You're with your bridesmaids, getting ready, relaxed, maybe a bit nervous, and this pedestal farm table is ensconced in florabundance!
This is the kind of drama that is most welcome in your bridal suite. Leave everything else behind! Wrap yourself and your bridesmaids in stunning elegance and beauty with a floral treat like this. I promise, this is going to be a small touch with enormous significance!
You won't need prescription pills to get you through the nerves--trust your emotional state with natural beauty from florals. And as you can see, it takes real talent to make this look gorgeous, which is why Kiana Underwood is one of the most sought after floral designers in San Francisco! Yes, this is all her design!
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