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Live recap starts NOW Wow just got home in time for this!!! Looks like we'll be able to see all the important characters in the first ep! Dr. Jin's CM looks awesome!! SSH is so handsome!!! ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>LIVE RECAP Ep 2</b> <b>Legend</b> Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk: JH Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae: MN/YR Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak: KT Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung: HE Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong: CH ----------------------------------------------------------- Ep begins with voice of JH. In a forest, JH is lying down. Centipede crawling around (big one!). JH wakes up find himself in a forest. His neck is sore as he touches it. He takes out his galaxy phone with broken screen. The wallpaper is his photo with Mina. He reaches out to the solution glass bottle, wondering how he got here. He is quite calm, looks like he doesn't know he traveled back in time yet. He looks around with his doctor flashlight and fell down suddenly. He spotted some lights and saying excuse me but as he got near he saw people dressed in historical costume fighting. He wonders what's going on. The men's faces are covered. KT and his men arrived to stop. JH touches someone and realizes it's real blood and what he's seeing is real. The Joseon police cornered him. KT comes near on his horse. KT asks who he is, pointing his gun at JH and asks again who he is. KT ordered to arrest JH. As one man is about to tie him up, JH points his flashlight at them and they're surprised. The horse got surprised by the light and makes KT falls down. JH runs away and is pursued by the police. He wonders who they are then jumps/falls off a cliff. The police overlooked him. He got his bag hooked to a rock and barely hanging on. Just as he's about to give in, HE appears and pulls him up. JH faints then flashback starts. An unknown man with face covered in white bandage is taken to the hospital where JH works. He starts examining the Xray and start to operate on the person. They opens up the guy's skull and start drilling. Looks pretty bloody. He discovered the tumor and it's a shape of a fetus which shocks everyone. As JH is about to touch it he suddenly got a severe headache but is ok after a moment. He slowly takes out the fetus shaped tumor. The operation ends successfully. JH takes the fetus shape and put it in a solution filled glass jar. He went to get some coffee and saw a kid sitting in wheelchair with bandage around his head. He starts talking to him but he just leaves without saying anything. He got a call from MN. Looks like he misses out their promised date so she's pretty mad. He got changed and got into his car while talking to her but she hangs up on him. He takes out a ring box and chuckles. He came to their apartment (?). MN surprises him with a birthday cake and sings happy bday to him. He asks what are you doing. She said just blow the candle and he did. The room seems to be his apartment filled with their couple photos. He secretly hides the ring somewhere as she tiptoed behind him with the cake. He caught her doing so and starts running with her chasing him. Then she falls on top of him on the sofa. Their faces are close. He leans up toward her and says, Mina, you're heavy. She bangs her head to him. He sits up and she's still on top of him. She asks does it hurt and kisses him on his forehead. What a sexy couple! They kiss again but not on the lips, just a peck unfortunately. Then there's the scene of the fetus shape thing. MN is lying on the couch closing her eyes and JH talks to her. Then he picks her up princess style and says let's go to sleep~~~ Next morning at the hospital, MN talks to JH on the phone. She's in her white coat. MN is not at the hospital but somewhere else. The children came to her and surround her, there's also the elders. One man brings another who is injured to her. She checked his breathing, it's one of the kid's dad. The man got taken to the hospital. MN calls JH on the phone who's about to leave. The man seems to be in serious condition. JH checks him but shakes his head. MN pulls him away and asks what is he saying. She wants him to save the boy's dad and tries to persuade him. He said it's impossible. They argue. He looks at the boy and just leaves. MN stops him and they argue again. JH tries to reason with MN why the man cannot be saved but MN wants him to at least try. MN says, oppa you're really cold (?) or something along that line. JH is not shaken and MN starts tearing up. Another doctor came and said the man passed away it seems. JH is surprised and MN is speechless. He tries to hold her hand but she said let go. She leaves and he runs after her. He tries to make up with her but she shakes his hand off. She gets on the car and leaves him standing looking after her car as she drives away. Suddenly a delivery man appears and she turns to avoid him but a big truck from no where appears and crashes her car. JH witnesses all this in shock. MN is being taken to the hospital covered in blood. JH is with her. She touches his hand, he holds her hand. He asks if she's hurt and assures her it will be ok. She whispers something: we…then loses consciousness. JH screams her name and then frantically cleans his hands to prepare the operation. In another room, the man who was saved by JH starts moving his finger but his face is still covered. JH is in the OP operating. JH suddenly got flashback of the fetus shape thing while operating and hears a voice that says go back. He starts getting a headache and drops a metal bowls. He asks who is it. Everyone asks if he's ok and he said he's fine so let's continue. The bandaged man goes to the equipment room and starts taking some surgical stuff. JH heard the voice again and his head hurts. MN starts losing blood. JH said MN you can't and panics. The bandaged man goes to the office where JH put the fetus thing on the table. He picks it up. Looks like the OP is successful. MN is leaving the OP room and JH looks after her worried and looks lifeless. There are scratches on her face. He still looks even after she's out of sight. Sad music is playing. JH is on the rooftop of the hospital, depressed and sad, he put his hand on his face thinking about what she said to him before going to the OP. He suddenly heard something. The bandaged man went to the rooftop with his crippled leg. JH said excuse me what are you doing? He looks at the fetus shape that the man is holding and asks, why do you have that. The man says he has to go or something then starts moving toward the edge. JH got a headache and tries to stop him, got the brown bag but their that contains the fetus got thrown over and he tries to catch it but ended up falling down. He got a flashback of everything that happened when he woke up in the forest until now. He wakes up calling MN's name and sees HE snoring next to him by the cliff. HE wakes up suddenly and makes JH jumps. HE asks him where is he going, he reaches out his wine bottle and tries to drink from it but there's none. He starts asking JH questions about his home and ID stuff but he answers no to everything. HE smirks and start leaving while JH starts chasing after him. JH asks him questions and it finally hits him that's he time jumped. HE looks down on him and spits out in disgust. HE starts singing weird song and JH is following him looking at people dressed in hanbok. He realizes now he's in Joseon. He then witnesses a scene of the whole capital and collapses in shock with his mouth wide open. He grabs the grass and thinks about this is the Joseon's land. HE clicks his tongue and thinks what a weak fellow. At the police department, everyone is reporting to KT that they cannot find a man. He ordered a portrait to be painted and put JH on wanted list. The poster is pasted on the street and everyone is staring at him. Some woman flashes something on him. HE is going by himself and saw the poster of JH and is shocked. He starts looking for JH. He found him and pulls JH to the side and shoos away the curious kids. HE told JH he's wanted. HE says they should get something to eat first but JH refuses and at the same time his stomach rumbles which makes him embarrassed. HE says he cannot dress like this and steals some rags and makes JH wear them. They walk on the street and HE keeps spitting. They met some mobs who stop them. They take him to meet the boss who is eating. HE is on a friendly term with him. It seems the boss has something up his sleeves for JH and HE isn't too happy about that. JH tries to run but one of the men notices and trips him over. HE is eating well while the boss looks at the poster and looks at JH happily thinking how much money he'll get if he turns JH in. One of his men is running to the police department to report it seems. JH and HE are arguing. He tries to him something. Suddenly the boss is choked but nobody knows the reason. HE tries to tell JH to run away but JH refuses and runs over to help the boss. He hits the guy in the back but he faints. JH remembers the symptom and puts him down. He instructs people to get him something. He starts putting his surgical stuff in hot water to purify. He takes out the surgical knife and one man tries to stop him but he tells them he's a doctor and points the knife at them. They back away. He makes a cut on the boss' throat, put a pen's tube in the guy's throat and starts blowing. He puts him up and beat him in the back. The guy coughed up something and all is well. Everyone is clapping and JH starts cleaning up his thing. The police arrives and realizes it's JH. HE distracts everyone's attention and pulls JH away and start running. They're being pursued and hides behind some big jars. HE is talking but Jh is not listening because he suddenly saw someone who looks like MN walks by and follows after her. HE calls after him but tripped over and break the jars which causes the police to notice him. JH is looking for MN look-alike but lost her. YR is delivering something to a lady who is sweet-talking to her but YR isn't buying her stuff. The lady is about to pay her but she says a lower price but YR says the price is different and the lady agrees to pay what she's asked for. After YR leaves the lady smirks at her. YR buys some beans with her servant. The servant complains about how heavy the beans bags are and YR said she'll hold them and take the bags from her. The girl is embarrased and didn't want people to see her mistress carrying stuff. YR saw KT yelling at some men. KT notices her and smiles saying long time no see. They converse for a bit and KT orders his men to escort YR back. YR doesn't want to but KT wouldn't let her refuse. She bows in appreciation. KT is back to the office in the yard practicing gun shooting then his father ("MoonSun"'s Bokyung's dad) and starts preaching things to KT which of course doesn't make him happy. But all he said is yes while listens to his father. His dad takes up the gun, points at the bull's eye and says something while a horse refuses to be tamed. He changes direction to the horse and shoots the thing. KT is shocked at what his father just did. At a brothel, a gisaeng (courtesan) is looking and something and mumbles. That gisaeng in CH. JH is hiding in a barn looking at the ring box. He hears the police and starts running. The police is chasing after the masked men who appeared in the beginning. JH runs and bumps into a man who is sevrely injured. He got a deep cut on his forehead. A servant came out and helps JH carry the man home. The mom runs out and panics asking what happens. She calls her daughter who appears to be YR, MN look-alike. She runs to JH who is carrying her brother and calling, brother brother while JH looks at her in shock. END PREVIEW: JH and HE got put in prison. JH saves YR's brother. YR reads JH's name on his white coat. JH got caught and dragged on the street while YR looks at him as he passes by. So what do you think of the first ep? Things just got started so hope to see more progress tomorrow.
@Soula81 I do always appreciate your live recap :D Thanks you soooo muuuch love u!!
i may have read ur card late but thank u so much!!
Thank you so much! I always enjoy your recaps! and I sure hope you will continue to do so. Yes, it's more difficult to follow any drama on the weekend cause there's always million of things to do. But just want to let you know that I'm reading it, and enjoying it so far. And want to let u know that ur efforts r very much appreciate! XD
yaaay happy to see jaejoong on screen again!!!
What do you guys think of the first ep? Because the drama just started so it looks like not many people are reading the recap and it's on a saturday no less ^^; The only way I know if anyone is reading my recap is by your comments so if you want to read my live recap for Dr. Jin then please leave a comment so I know how many ppl read it :) . I like SSH and KJJ and want to do this live recap but it's difficult for me to do this as it's on the weekend but I will do my best if you guys can give me your 200% support :)
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