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Today's flower of the day: Peonies! And how gorgeous are these!?!
Peonies are probably my second favorite flower type, next to the roses. I love their enormous heads and variegated coloring. What's also great is how you can get such a distinctly different look between peonies that are closed and bulbous and those that are opened like a tulle Marchesa gown. They're really quite dramatic!
What's great too about these is that you can clump a small handful together and call it a bridal bouquet since the flowers are so large.
Although peonies are available year-round, it's peak season (and lower price point) is in the Summer months. You can get stems for as low as $5 each. But don't be surprised to pay upwards of $16 each in the Winter or if industry growers had a tough season. These are grown in both California and Holland.
What's your favorite flower? Let me know in the comments below!
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