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Okay, after watching the first episode, I was like 'WTF is going on!?' Then after each episode, I felt ever more confused, upset, and really really sad. So, I got out of Netflix really, really fast.
But I am curious about what happens in the other next episodes.
But I am scared.
I am scared that I am going to be even MORE UPSET.
I can even tell you how much anxiety I felt watching the first few episodes.

Talk to me!!! Did someone feel the same way about the documentary?

The documentary series was recently released on Netflix, and it focuses Steven Avery. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just brush on it. He was in prison for 18 years for a crime he didn't commit -- and that's just the beginning of the shittery. Then, just 2 years later, he was back behind bars for murder. But did he really do it?
When you watch the documentary, you'll want to scream at Netflix and say, "I FREAKING KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT FOR FREAKSAKES AND I AM NOT EVEN IN THE COURTROOM OH MY GOD. HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE!??"
Prepare for the rage!!!!!!! @butterlyblu @nicolejb
Oh, I am totally planning to! I feel like we HAVE TO, @nicolejb! It's our responsibility! -_- Seriously, though, @alywoah, I'm hearing a lot of reactions like yours.
@alywoah not yet. Just got caught up after the trip. My brain is still backwards. Is it insane? My brother finished and won't even talk. He just looks at me and shakes his head. (No spoilers! I'll find you! Lol)
@Nicolejb @Butterflyblu have you two started watching it?!
I loved Serial so I think this seems like a good TV version of it!
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