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Can you see yourself, dressed in your glamorous wedding gown, arm-in-arm with your father (or escort), who's walking you up the stairs and down the aisle?!?!?! I think I'd faint from the glorious beauty that fills my eyes!
Arches and arches of flowers from every direction! This is a brilliant entry to any wedding ceremony. And YOU ALL HAVE @Stephosorio TO THANK because she is the one who inspired me to share this card with the Weddings Community. How so? Well, take a look at her card here and you'll see why!
During the late afternoon...
When the sun sets at night...
Located at the luxury Ayana Resort & Spa in Bali, this would make for the most amazing fairy tale-destination weddings ever! You've got cathedral arches of flowers...stunning oceanic accommodations...UNREAL!!!!
Designed by Royal Design & Decor
Venue is Ayana Resort & Spa
Photography by Monopictura
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Awesome! !! @stephosorio I'm really glad you both liked it πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
omg absolutely love this. My boyfriend loves it as well. super classy and beautiful .