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This is a Love Game challenge with BTS, you pick any member to get married with and write about your relationship. I'm stilling working own mines with V XD.
Up first we have Rap Monster, the destroyer, lovable, sweet guy you can ask for XD.
here we have Jin who loves to eat, but doesn't get fat i wonder why??? Jin has a good personalty, he's smart, sweet, caring, if you come home from work and your feet hurts jin will be there to rub you feet.
next we have Suga frost XD he will be the hard person to wake up in the morning. he can be a bit cranky when waking up, but he has a kind heart in him.
Jimin is the player one, he will flirt with you, but he's a nice guy. He'll make you feel good about yourself.
Then we have Jhope the craziest person in the group, he's fun and also loving person. You really cant get enough of the hope.
Here is our alien V, who is also crazy, weird, loving, kind, funny guy. He will be the fun one in this challenge XD.
Last but no lest we have our Jungkook, golden kookie. He will be the perfect husband, he'll take care of you, always be there for you. He really have's a sweet heart.
Well pick any member you wanna choose to married with we already know @B1A4BTS5ever is having fun with her husband Tae Tae XD, have fun XD.
you scared me I thought they we're in the show!! I've never clicked on a card so fast . ::>_<::
Ah, I'll work my real life issues into this one. The only reason I'll ever get remarried is if it's to him anyway XD I shall tag you in it, anyone else wanna be tagged?
Sooo hard 😩😩😭😭to choose but I'll go for my kookie😍
@ParkMeiFan Haha he can be our mascot lmao
@XionHeart yea lazy people should stick together plus we have suga by ourside XD
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