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Hello! My name is Mi and I've been on Vingle for a solid month but never fully introduced myself. Ive been watching anime for 3 years but have started watching Kdramas and listing to Kpop for 1 and a half years... I HAVE A KOREAN NAME! Haha, its 추챼아 Choo Chae-AH! Uhm... okay. There's this:
KPOP 1. Favorite solo artist? Zion.T and K.Will 2. TOP 5 Bias Groups? Vixx, Topp Dogg, BTS, EXO, SNSD 3. Do you ship anyone? Kaisoo is real, I swear! 4. What fangroup(s) do you identify with? Army, Exo-L, Topp Klass 5. How did you get into kpop? Deep surfed Youtube too hard one day. 6. Do you know how to speak Korean? I can read Hungul and some Korean phrases. 7. Have you gone to any kpop concerts? Exo's concert in Chicago, USA will be my first 8. Do you have any kpop merch? One necklace, a bookbag and 2 sweatshirts 9. Do you watch variety shows? Weekly Idol mostly.. 10. TOP 3 Biases? Kyungsoo, Rap Monster and Leo 11. What was the first KPOP song you immediately liked upon hearing? Hello by SHINee 12. A kpop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try? N.Flying and Vap 13. What has been your favourite comeback of the year? Exo's Unfair 14. has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all? Yes! Kyungsoo has played in Its Okay, Thats Love; I remember you and is filming Hyung.
@Cachet18 we're basically an Internet insane asylum
seriously everyone outside of vingle is crazy...they are surely lacking the beat thing ever friendship and having a great time with like minded individuals. Take tour leave a comment express emotions...this community is the best. we all get to visit and share some good times
@VeronicaArtino @shelbiisonfire @luna1171 @ladygdragon @DeniseiaGardner @KellyOConnor Thank you all! *is almost in tears* Finally! Some other crazy people!
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