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I saw @mitchix5 do this and I wanted to do it as well :)

1) J-Hope

Not only is he my BTS bias, but he is my ULTIMATE bias.... but I'm sure y'all already know that so I'll refrain from writing the novel of why I love him lol

2) Lay

I'm so weak for dancers its unreal.I could watch YiXing's body rolls all day. He's such a beautiful human being!!!! *heart eyes*

3) Jackson Wang

How can you not love this adorable dork. I love watching interview videos of him, he keeps a smile on my face :)

4) Chanyeol

This guy just recently found himself on my bias list. I fell in love with him after watching EXO Next Door. He's so incredibly talented and extremely intelligent and I find that highly attractive. He can literally do everything: rap, sing, act, compose music, produce music and he plays SEVERAL instruments. He makes me so dgjkdsjjsfajd

5) Jimin

What do I even say about Jimin? He can literally go from cute and adorable to sexy and dangerous in less than .009 seconds. His laugh is so infectious and hes just so ugh!!! I just adore him so much!!

6) Wonho

I just started listening to Monsta X a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them! Wonho just has something about him that caught my attention. *some more heart eyes*

7) Suga

Yoongi, Mint Yoongi, Min Suga... whatever you call him you can't deny that he has a lot of swag. He gives off a real "daddy/oppa" vibe and I've always been attracted to that. But at the same time he is an extremely loyal person and he loves the ARMYs sooooo much. I adore and love everything about Yoongi.

8) Jungkook

I feel weird about liking him as much as I do because I'm so much older than him, but at least he's legal right? He truly is the Golden Maknae but it was his dancing and his killer smile that caught my interest.

9) Shownu

Shownu is the other Monsta X hottie that I fell in love with. This boy can dance and his voice is amazing!!

10) Xiumin

Xiumin seems like he would be a very loyal and protective boyfriend. He seems so playful but yet he's strong enough to snap the neck of any guy that looks at you. Rawr!!!

11) Chen

Chen was actually my 1st EXO bias. Everything about him is perfect, including that amazing jaw line. He has the voice of an angel, and those eyes.... *-*

12) BaekHyun

This guy also found himself on my bias list after watching EXO Next Door. He's just adorable and I absolutely love his singing voice!

13) GD

This man literally exudes sex. He has this aura about him that draws you in and puts you in a choke hold. UGH! Stop it GD!!! I'm just gonna go watch this gif for awhile and cry....

14) Hoshi

I have the same inner conflicts with Hoshi as I do Jungkook. Even though they are the same age, Hoshi is actually one of the oldest in Seventeen. He is an AMAZING dancer and singer and he is the one that choreographs the majority of Seventeen's routines.(You know me and dancers lol) If you get the chance, watch this video of the dance collab of Monsta X and Seventeen at this year's MAMAs, I believe that Hoshi did the majority of the choreo and he looks so amazing omg!!! (Hoshi shows up at 2:10)

15) Simba

My JJCC bias, his voice is deep and sexy and he has a gorgeous smile. This guy is literally an idiot. He likes to have fun and he doesn't care if he looks stupid or silly. Click here to see an example --> Skip to 40 seconds in and make sure you have the English subs on :)
I actually had fun putting this list together :) Feel free to make a card with your top 15 and be sure to tag me so I can see who consumes your life :)
Tagging the usual and please tag anyone you think would enjoy making their own bias card :)
I can never keep mine straight
@staceyholley the struggles r real!!!! #real21stcenturystruggles
@Mightmuffin lol right? I got my top 5 down in seconds and then i struggled
Ok thx @staceyholley but even if it's not in order it's still gonna be so painfully hard! #deepthinking
@Mightmuffin I put mine in order but you dont have to :)
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