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What about Black cat, Asu no Yoichi, Rosario +Vampire, Fruits Basket, Shaman King, or Ruroni Kenshin cuz that's how I got into anime....those allowed xD
Also I guess One Piece and DBZ are ace's?
its not the anime title but the amount of anime and the amount of dedication ,time and money you put into anime . if you watch naruto and bleach and thats it nah but if you bought all the figures and have hella cosplay and shit thats different.
fairy tail SAO DBZ black lagoon samurai Champloo Deadman wonderland black butler blue exorcist and the list continues but you get my point anime is great
So true, because first of all Naruto and Bleach are main stream. Now if they branched out and watched say Infinite Stratos, or SAO, or even Tokyo Ghoul, then you can kinda start considering yourself an okaku