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I don't even know wat to say anymore...I'm an EXO-L n an army but whn things like tis happen I'm j... I'm at list of words...comment below n tell me wat u think did EXO-L's really do it or was it a set up to get the EXO n BTS fans or the members mad at each other idk comment below n tell me wat u think
I'm an EXO-L too, but these EXO fans are always starting something lol. earlier this year they were trying to kill Big Bang smh
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No, Koreaboo is just trying to stir things up you shouldn't listen to them.
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@OhItsJas really!?!? I never knew tat I always thought thy tell the truth wow I'm stunned @amobigbang Ik I heard bout tat to I was stunned as well but wat confuses me is tat it's usually always EXO-L's tat thy always talk bout I'm so confused on y it would only be EXO-L's
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idk but koreaboo is sloppy
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Exo fans are saying it's not true. All I know is koreaboo has become nothing more than a tabloid gossip rag. Probably isn't true
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