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This is part 2. Again this has mature content. If you wished not to be tagged please message me and let me know. Do not tell me in the comment section.


After dinner Jasmine went to her room to look at her schedule. She was going to double major in dance and business. She had no choice to double major. Her passion was dance, but her father said that he would only pay for her college if she majored in something reasonable, so she picked business since it runs in the family. She has some dance classes, into to business, art history, and an English class. After looking at her online schedule she began looking at some old photos. Jasmine laughed at some. She and the guys always had fun together. People at home called them the Wolf pack, because they always were wondering around like wild dogs. Jasmine could play rough just like the guys, but she still loved my makeup and fashion. Suddenly, she heard a knock on my door. "Come in." Jasmine said without my eyes leaving the computer screen. "Hey, cakes keep your panties out of my room." Yoongi says while stretching a pair of pink lace underwear on his hands. Jasmine did not respond she was lost in thought and my memories while looking at the photos. Yoongi became irritated. "I said do something with your damn panties!" He threw them her face. "What the fuck Yoongi! Just put them on my bed. Stuff does get mixed up when people move." Yoongi sat them on the bed. Jasmine stood up and attempted to snatch the under wear from the bed . But Yoongi grabbed them and held them over her head. "Listen to me when I'm speaking to you." He says while narrowing his eyes at her. "Yoongi. I don't have time for you bullshit!" Jasmine deep green eyes become filled with irritation and she pushed him on her bed. He grabbed her as he fell upon her small twin size bed. Jasmine D sized breasts were pushed up on Yoongi's hard chest. When Jasmine realizes what was going on she quickly attempted to get off him. Yoongi quickly grabbed her. She sat on his lap facing him in a straddling position. He ran his hand up her thigh. His pale skin could have melted into her milk chocolate skin. He grinned and grabbed her butt. Surprisingly Jasmine made a small moan. "You like it when I grab your butt Jasmine?" Yoongi says while running his left hand through her long wavy midnight hair. "Tell me that you like it." Jasmine bit her bottom full lip. She could not believe what was happening. "Yes, I like it." Yoongi grinned. Then he pressed his lips against Jasmine lips. She allowed him to deeply kiss her. Jasmine began kissing his neck and sniffing him between her kisses. She loved the way her smelled. She was having flash backs of when he caught her with his shirt. She was turn on by him catching her. Yoongi moaned softly to Jasmine kissing and suckng in his neck. He pulled her her thin tank off and unclasped her bra in the front. He began kissing her breasts. Jasmine moaned. "I hate you so much Yoongi." "I hate you more Jazz." He began sucking on her right breast. Her nipple looked like little Hershey kisses. Jasmine moaned as she began rubbing him through his jeans. He threw her on her back and began kissing her stomach and allowing his hands to follow her curves. He wanted her since they were kids, but he would never tell her. He wanted to fuck her so badly since that night when he caught her in the cabin with his shirt. Jasmine began moaning and running her hands through his blue dyed hair. He began nibbling on her inner thigh causing her to make squeaky noises. He brushed the thin fabic that was covering her womanhood. "No panties. I knew it Jazz. You are so wet. I barley touched you." Yoogni said in a husky voice. He flipped her on her side and began slapping her butt. "You always had a nice ass." Jasmine squealed and moan as he hit her and rubbed her back side. He began kisses her rear through her shorts. Then he laid her back on her back. He opened her legs. He ran his nose across her womanhood. "You smell so good. I bet you taste even better." His words made Jasmine stomach drop. "Don't look Yoogni. Don't look at me there." Yoogni grinned and began sucking in her clit. Jasmine pushed herself away from his mouth but he grabbed her and held her down. He continued to suck on her. Then he began licking her from top to bottom and moaning. "Yes, you taste so good Jasmine. Shit baby." Jasmine pulled his hair and continued to moan. She bit down on her hand trying not to be too loud. "Look you are oozing Jazz." He says while inserting his index finger inside her. He began swirling his finger around while sucking on her. Jasmine thought she was about to die as her opened her legs wider. "I'm gonna be pee. Stop it Yoogni." "You are not gonna pee Jasmine. You are going to come for me baby." Yoogni began sticking his tongue in and out her while thumbing her clit. Suddenly, Jasmine exploded. She moaned his name while tightly grabbing his hair. Yoogni stood up and licked his lips. He leaned in and began kissing her ear. "You taste just like chocolate." Jasmine began kissing all over his chest and softly biting in his skin leaving her mark. Yoogni moaned and played with her hair. "I want more." she moaned while kissing his pelvic bone. "I don't expect you to be good and all since you are a virgin." Yoogni said. Jasmine began kissing all over his man hood and swirling her tongue all over his head. Her tongue ring helped her out. Yoongi began moaning as she pushed more of him into her mouth. She imagined him to be a sucker. She began sucking him softly and then she build up the intensity. She pulled him out her mouth to breath and she began stroking him. Yoongi licked his lips and moaned as his eyes flickered back. "Maybe I was wrong." Jasmine began sucking him more. He was hitting the back of her throat. The sound made them both even hotter. "Oh shit Jazz.." Yoogni grabbed her hair as she felt his warmth cover the back of her mouth. "Wow that was quick." Jasmine giggled. Yoongi grabbed her and threw her on the bed. "Everyone left. They went to go buy some ice cream and some random snacks." He kissed her on her lips. "Don't mix your panties with my shit again. He attempted to get up but she pulled him back. "You are just gonna leave me lick this?" She grabbed his hand and placed it on her womanhood. "I want it." She threw a condom at him. He bit his lip and began rubbing her. "I would be an ass if I did leave you unhappy. But you never been with anyone so..." ***************************************************************************************************** The guys came back with the snacks. "Jazz and Yoongi we are back come and join us." Jin said while unpacking the snacks. "Video game time!" V, Jungkok, and J-Hope says in unison while running to the sofa. Namjoon shakes his head while following and sitting on the sofa. Instead he began writing lyrics on his writing pad. Yoogni came out Jasmine's bedroom. "Where is Jasmine?" Jimin says while pulling out some chips and walking up to Yoongi. "We got her favorite snack." "Shes gonna just chill in her room for the night. I'm going to stay with her too." He rubbed his head and grabbed some snacks. "Yo what's that on your jeans. Namjoon rubbed on a red spot on Yoongi bleached jeans. "Is that blood?" Jimin says while staring at Yoongi. Shit...I thought we were careful with all that. I guess she has me marked he thinks while smiling. Everyone was silent. Yoongi faked a cough. "Well I will give her your good night wishes..." "We leave you here with her for a second and you fuck her Min Yoongi? Jin says with a red face. "Explain yourself!" Jungkook and V try not to laugh at Yoogni's expression. "How you even know that is what happened?" "We are not dumb bro. She's the only virgin girl in our dorm and you walk out her room without her, with sex hair, jeans half zipped, and blood on them." Namjoon says. "It was her idea. Besides, if had that chocolate goddess all over you... You would become weak too. Shit I don't need to defend myself! Leave us alone!" Yoongi walked back into Jasmine's room and slammed the door.
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So great! Good job amo!
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@chinabarrier16 here is part two. when I uploaded part 5 I will link all the cards on that card to help you all out