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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the SuperWhoLock communities! I want everyone to have fun and make friends in all communities. Sounds like fun?
Thank You Doc! You were one of my favorites! We all know you agree and that's awesome but we have one grumpy person.. Can you guess? Let's ask him? ARE YOU READY?
Dean is with it! So let's do this!
Okay, People in the SPN community have already participated in this type of game. We are going to write our own Vingle Super Who Lock story with the cast! I'm going to toss out a creature (Supernatural) that will be hunting, possible traveling back and forth in time ( Doctor Who) and figuring out where this creature came from (Sherlock is good at mysterious stuff!)
Who invited him? Let's do this! I'll shall start with the first comment. Keep it SuperWhoLock!
They all watched Shia, not quite sure what to make of things. Was he drunk? Confused? An actual cannibal? It was just not clear. Dean had a special amulet to detect demons, but it wasn't doing anything. The Doctor stepped forward with his sonic screwdriver. "All right, let's see what we have here, something interesting I'd wager." He scanned Shia and then walked away. Dean glared at him. "Well. what is it?" "I have no idea, screwdriver didn't pick up anything. Definitely still interesting, just don't know why yet. Give me time. And a crayon. I like crayons."
Shia LaBeouf (is that spelt right?) is everywhere! I love it! Lol CAN I GO DANCE AND SING WITH DEAN? 🎶It's the Eye of the Tiger, It's the Thrill of the Fight, rising Up to the Challenge of our Rivals. And the Last known survivor stalks his prey in the night As He's Watching Us All With The EEEEYE of the Tiiigerrr🎶
Reluctantly Dean invited Holmes in and scanned the surrounding area before closing the door as Sam looked out the blinds. He kept a close eye on Holmes and asked, "What exactly do you need our help with?" Without saying a word Holmes pulled out a golden necklace shaped as a demonic eye with a red dimly glowing ruby. As if enraged Dean pointed the gun back at Holmes as roarded, "Where the hell did you get that thing and why the hell would you bring it here?"
Sam walked away for a second starring a wall talking to him self. or at least that's what it looked like to every one else but actually he was talking to Lucifer. he was trying to get rid of him or get him to shut up but for some reason he couldn't. The doctor walks closer to him and points his sonic screwdriver at him than takes a step back in shock. "this energy. nooooo. I killed you you flew in to that black hole with the planet you were prisoned on. you are the devil.
Holmes put his hands together under his chin. "Very well this all makes sense." He looked around. "Oh don't tell me none of you have caught up?" He rolled his eyes. "Very well then. He's an alien with two hearts, you two are hunting demons and you're looking in the wrong place, and he's-" John cut him off. "He's an actor Sherlock, let him be." John led Shia out of the room. "Trust me mate it's all downhill from here."
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