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Jungkookkiiieee!! Ah I love this kid, we're about the same age I think? But I think of him as another brother, I feel so protective of bebe Jungkookie just like I'm protective over my actual brother, he just brings out the sister in me and I wanna tease him and protect him from mean people forever
I love his laugh and his smile! I feel so happy when he smiles and laughs, again like with my brother, I love making him laugh and he rarely smiles so when he does its nice and I love seeing it, and I feel that way with Jungkookie
His voice is wonderful too! He's an amazing singer and I love listening to his cover of Lost Stars
He's just a sweetie and I don't know just all around wonderful
Oh Junkookie you wonderful child. I see you as a brother although sometimes you do make me question that. Anyways. I hope you guys loved this Jungkook card:) Next up - Rap Monster :D
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I'm 3 years older than he is. He's so adorable. He brings out the noona in me.