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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVE!!!!! So if you know me, you would definitely know that I LOVE Nana. The characters are well developed and relatible, the story is brilliantly thought out, and the art is amazingly done, but what really makes this story my all time favorite is the writing! Thank you Ai Yazawa! ^^ Here are some of my favorite Nana quotes!!!
"We are all farsighted, we give importance to those things that are far from us, while neglecting the things that are close to us... only to realize their value later when they are out-of-reach again..."
"I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn't so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward."
"When dawn comes,that memory gradually distances...Tonight,I will bring it to sleep with me,so that it will not be taken away by the waves of the night..."
"The table was her stage. The mobile phone was the microphone. And the new moon was the spotlight. That kind of magic only Nana could make it happen."
There's alot more but if I type out all the great quotes that came from Nana, this card will go on forever lol So what are your favorite quotes from Nana or another anime/manga you like??
am a Nana fan to am almost done watching all the episodes I don't want finish watching it
@lexysan YEAHHHH *highfives* :D
omg!! i finally meet another Nana fan
@CrystalPonce Make sure to read the manga! the anime doesn't cover the whole story, but it never ended 😭 it's still really good though! it gets INTENSEEEEE. You can find it online!