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After three seasons, Chip Kelly is out as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Here are a few possibilities of who might come calling next.
Tennessee Titans: Kelly has never hidden his affection for Marcus Mariota. Before the 2015 draft, he tried to trade up to acquire his former quarterback but couldn't put together a good enough deal. While the Titans have a lot of work to do, they have a good starting piece in Mariota.
LSU Tigers: The school came close to dumping Les Miles and Kelly would be well received in the Bayou because of his dynamic offense.
Cleveland Browns: While Johnny Manziel's future in Cleveland seems uncertain, it's worth noting that Kelly recruited him heavily at Oregon before Manziel landed at Texas A&M. This could be a nice fit.
Indianapolis Colts: If Chuck Pagano is let go, this would likely become the most attractive job on the market. He would likely love to work with Andrew Luck as he would be set at quarterback for the next decade for sure.

Where do you think Chip Kelly will land?

I think he should just retire
ya i think titans or bucs but well c
I think the titans might be a good fit for him, and Marcus Mariota is a plus.
I sure hope he doesn't go over to the colts we've already got our fill of bad coaches