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THIS SONG IS SO CUTE!! I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHY IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO MAKE THIS SOTD BECAUSE IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING I HAVE HEARD IN MY LIFE!! This performance is one of my favoirtes of EXO because they all are so cute and....Chen is just too much as always!! XD

Have You Listen To This Song???

What Are Your Thoughts On It??

Let Me Know In The Comments!!!
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This is the best concept ever can they just stay this way forever aww Chennie-poo look I gave him a nickname ahahaAHAHAHA🔫
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Also Ina need maknae not to move his body like that lol 😉
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Nrver heard This song till now. love the song and their performance. and can I say I'm so glad you have a SOTD, you introduce me to great songs and performances like this. Thank you @JohnEvans
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@punkpandabear You are so welcome!!! :)
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